Nokia makes it snow in South Africa to start promoting the Nokia X in a new ad

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The Nokia X is making the rounds and despite our experience that we recounted in our review, Nokia Microsoft wanted to make a point about the X, and did so using snow in South Africa.

What exactly was that point? Nokia created a snow slope in Cape Town as an analogy that the Android powered Nokia X will offer a smooth and fast app experience, by having a bunch of folks race down the hill in inflatable sleds.

Each sled is an app, from BBM to Skype, from Angry Birds to Plants vs. Zombies, Nokia wants you to flow smoothly through your favorite apps. The commercial is clearly aimed at your mainstream consumer, and not the resident geek.

In addition to being able to side load a bunch of Android apps, the Nokia X has a low price point as an appealing feature as well, with prices starting a bit above the $100 mark. All the color that Nokia is known for will be available as well. If you are in the neighborhood of Cape Town, does snow in South Africa get you excited for the Nokia X?

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