Nokia's new ad incorrectly shows how a common smartphone feature works

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As many smartphone owners might know, the adaptive brightness feature on a smartphone automatically changes the brightness of the screen depending on how bright or dark it is at the time. When a phone is used in a dark room, adaptive brightness dims the screen, and under a bright sun, the screen gets lighter so that the user can view the display.

Nokia decided that it would use the feature in an advertisement, which was spotted by a Reddit member (via Android Police). But Nokia or its marketing team made a major blunder. If you look carefully at the ad, you'll see that the phone gets brighter in the dark and dimmer when the lights go on.

Not only is the ad all wrong, but we wonder why Nokia would even choose to promote a feature that is found on most handsets these days. Having adaptive brightness on a Nokia phone doesn't differentiate the brand from any other smartphone manufacturer. On the other hand, promoting it by showing the feature working the wrong way will make the Nokia brand stand out, just not in a good way.

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