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Nokia forces bystanders to switch to Lumia via football trick-shot


Nokia's latest video confirms once and for all that the Finns have mastered the art of trolling. After all, there's no surer way to get your smartphones in people's hands than beating their old phones off them with a football and giving them a new Lumia 630, right? Right. Add a special trick and a hidden camera, and the result is a fantastic fusion of genius and dumb.

Of course, it takes a special pair of feet, and another special pair of nerves to pull such an endevour off. That's why Nokia enlisted Finnish goalkeeper and trick shot artist Lassi Hurskainen and his comrade Raine Aare Siltala. Suffice to say, this stunt was done by professionals and we advise against attempting it on your own.

It's great that Nokia is still keeping its punk attitude after its handset division was bought out by one of the world's largest corporations. But, as much as we appreciate the inventive and oddball stunt, if Lassi and Raine beat one of our beloved Android flagships, expensive iPhones, better Lumias, or productive BlackBerries out of our hands to present us with a humble Lumia 630, we wouldn't have been very amused.

Still, the video shows a happy ending for everyone involved, paid actors or actual Lumia converts by accident, so more power to Nokia.
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