Nokia employees anonymously tell the story of Nokia MeeGo

Nokia employees anonymously tell the story of Nokia MeeGo
Right now, it seems pretty clear that we have a duopoly in mobile. Android and iOS rule the market, and Windows Phone is desperately trying to get at least some momentum. But outside of that? It seems like no other platform stands a chance. It wasn’t like this just a couple of years ago when Nokia was developing MeeGo and when webOS was alive and promising.

After that Stephen Elop happened to Nokia and that meant the end of MeeGo, and the full transition to Windows Phone as the company’s main platform. We are yet to see how that plays out and so far it’s been a bumpy road for the Finns. Now, as thousands working on MeeGo have been laid off, 10 anonymous Nokia employees tell the story of MeeGo, Nokia’s partnership with Intel that resulted in a single phone, the Nokia N9, and became ashes after that.

Check out the slideshow below to see when it all started and why and when it was scrapped, but also don’t hesitate to hit the original source for the full story.

source: Taskumuro

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