Nokia and Bing Maps announce unified map design

Nokia and Bing Maps announce unified map design
We're finally seeing more and more of the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft that we have been expecting since the two announced that Nokia would be throwing its incredible hardware behind Windows Phone. This time the collaboration comes in the form of a unified design between Bing Maps and Nokia Maps. 

Nokia Maps will be adopting Bing's more simplified style in order to enhance visibility of places on the map and readability overall. Additionally, both Nokia and Bing Maps are moving to use the Nokia Pure font and will have smarter systems to determine what relevant places should be seen on each zoom level of a map area. On Microsoft's side of things, Bing Maps will be getting a big update to the map coverage data from Nokia and NavTeq. 

The updates are hitting the web versions of Nokia Maps and Bing Maps first, but Nokia Drive should be seeing the update within a few weeks. 


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