Nokia X2 saves a man's life

Nokia X2 saves a man's life
You may find it hard to believe, but some companies are still paying attention to the toughness of their phones, and it looks like Nokia is one of those companies.

A few days ago, a Nokia X2 user from Syria has been documenting a fight between the rebels and military (there's a civil war in Syria right now), using the camera of his handset. As you can imagine, the battle has been quite wild - like Call of Duty, but real.

All of a sudden, the guy filming with the X2 decided to get a little closer in order to get a better view of what's happening. This is when a bullet came his way and hit him. Thankfully, the bullet first met the Nokia X2 that he was holding in front of him, which practically saved his life. As a matter of fact, the bullet didn't change its trajectory after hitting the phone, it actually stopped inside it. Now that's what we call lucky!

Now that this Syrian guy will be needing a new phone, it's not hard to guess what brand he's going to go with.

via: MyNokiaBlog

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