Nokia World 2011 kicks off tomorrow: what to expect

Nokia World kicks off tomorrow: what to expect
Nokia’s big two days are right around the corner - after probably the lengthiest and most turbulent wait in the industry, the world’s biggest smartphone maker is expected to make its equally big Windows Phone statement. What should we expect?

First of all, let’s say that Nokia World is the company’s single biggest yearly event. It’s held in London and this year it opens with CEO Stephen Elop’s keynote scheduled for 9:30 am GMT | 4:30 am EST | 1:30 am PST on Wednesday, October 26th. It will be a long night for those who want to follow it live from the States, but Elop promises it will be worthit.

Most importantly, there are a couple of devices to be announced and that’s what everyone is looking for. 

The first one has leaked on numerous occasions, so it will almost be a surprise for us if we don’t actually see it. Yes, we’re talking about that Nokia Sea Ray prototype, which Elop hismelf showed around the N9 announcement in a supposedly leaked video. The Nokia Sea Ray, also referred to as the Nokia 800, doesn’t look new - actually it’s an almost exact copy of the Nokia N9 with its pillow-shaped convex screen and polycarbonate body. What’s under the hood, though, might differ and also the screen on the Sea Ray is projected to be a smaller, 3.7” AMOLED.

Secondly, the Nokia Sabre has also appeared in rumors and it seems to be a slightly smaller device, while the Nokia Ace is the third and possibly most well specced Nokia Windows Phone. The Ace is expected with a 4.3” display, while everything else seems to have remained a secret.

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In addition, there will be a huge Microsoft presence at Nokia World this year. Expect Office-related news as Redmond's corporate VP of Office Communications, William Kennedy, has an on-stage appearance. Joe Belfiore, the corporate VP of Windows Phone, is also listed, as are WP engineering head Terry Myerson and WP Marketing VP Achim Berg.

The agenda of the event is public, so you can check it out in full detail when you hit the source link below, but we'd also mention that Nokia will pay special attention to how it can attract the next billion phone users, how development under WP will be handled and finally what it can offer in the entertainment department. Is there something else you expect to see at Nokia World? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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