Nokia Tube shots leak, to be announced Oct 2?

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Nokia Tube shots leak, to be announced Oct 2?
The Nokia 5800 Tube/XpressMusic has again broken cover, and rumor has it that the device could be announced as early as October 2.  The Tube is Nokia's first venture into touchscreen, and will be the first Symbian S60 phone to feature the technology.  We saw it make a cameo appearance in The Dark Knight, and now we have an official looking shot just one day after the G1 launch...hmmm.

source: Symbian Freak



1. unregistered

I hope is as fast and responsive as in the dark knight

2. unregistered

been waiting for nokia to come out with one.....can not wait to get it

3. Cali_E

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4. unregistered

please don't

6. unregistered

wait 2-4 years then everyone will be using LTE network except sprint..... then you wont have to worry about an old fashion cdma phone and people will be bitching about who has the best service not who carries the best phone cause att verizon and tmobile will be using it just depends who launchs it first correct me if im wrong anyone please im not 100% sure

8. unregistered

You are correct. Not only will they be able to carry the same phones but they will be able to have roaming agreements with each other. It will just depend on who gets that exclusive.

9. unregistered

Actually I believe that with Verizon, the voice will still be CDMA (which is way better service here in the states) but the data ie internet, texting, tv, will all be LTE.

10. unregistered

makes sense since there cdma is established and all over most of the us already y take it all down and restart from scratch

11. unregistered

POST #5 must be an ATT employee, lol. Im sorry, simply go to "" to have a better life.

5. unregistered

that was the phone in the dark night. i saw the nokia logo. but i thought it was some made up concept phone. that would be sweet if this comes out soon.

7. unregistered

this phone looks sexy

12. unregistered

go to hell nokia please by the way i hate the interface of nokia..

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