Nokia: "Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon"

Nokia: "Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon"
How about a little confrontation between these two former rivals - Nokia and Samsung? We say former, because the focus nowadays seems to be more on Apple and Samsung, but anyways, Nokia is still the second-largest phone maker by volume in the world, so it's very interesting to observe the company's moves. And the company's latest public move comes from its VP of Sales and Marketing, Chris Weber, who has send out a tweet reading "Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon."

The move comes shortly after the company announced its September 5 event, where it's almost sure that it'll introduce us to its first Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia is probably affected by the fact that Samsung recently overtook its position as the world's leading cell phone manufacturer, so it kind of sees the South Korean company as its arch-enemy right now. When it comes to smartphones, though, once powerful Nokia is now far behind its competition with its modest market share of 6.6%, so it has a lot of catching up to do.

The Finns have produced some wonderful devices in the Lumia 800 and 900, and since we already know that Windows Phone 8 will be a quite substantial overhaul of the platform, we're really looking forward to seeing what surprises Nokia has in store for us.

source: ChrisWeber via TheVerge

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