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Nokia Rivendale and HTC Z4 codenames appear, could they be the next major launch?

Skipping back to Nokia’s last week Lumia 1020 event we uncovered an interesting little detail that went under our radars initially - Nokia is planning an even bigger launch for later this year on AT&T. Just now, we have the Nokia Rivendale codename leak out. Connect the dots, and this might well turn out to be the future superphone that Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop teased.

There is nothing besides that codename. Looking back at earlier leaks, there is just one yet unannounced device that we can draw a connection to - an aluminum body Lumia with the same circular hole for what should be an outstanding camera. Could the Nokia Rivendale turn out to be an aluminum-built Nokia cameraphone? That’s just one guess.

It’s not just a Nokia phone that leaked out, though. The HTC Z4 is another mysterious codename that is hard to associate with any current leaks. We know that the HTC One was codenamed the HTC M7, and the HTC One Mini carried the M4 codename. If we assume that the ‘4’ stands for mini in HTC’s vocabulary, this might be another compact device launch.

Additionally, there is the Amazon GLP70 that could be a new Kindle tablet by Amazon. The Lenovo Aupres and Lenovo Snoopy have also surfaced, but it’s hard to tell whether these are upcoming phones, tablets or who knows even a whole different form factor.

What do you associate these codenames with? We look forward to hearing your suggestions and expectations about the leaked names.

source: @evleaks
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