Nokia Pulse, still in beta, gets updated features

Nokia Pulse, still in beta, gets updated features
Released last October in beta, Nokia Pulse allows users to send text messages laden with information tagged to the message. Things like your location are sent along with your post and the app will even suggest places to meet with ratings, reviews, maps, directions and more. Since the release of the application, Nokia discovered that half of those who use the application are everyday users of Nokia Pulse and their responses led the Finnish based manufacturer to realize that the app was perfect for meeting-up with friends. As a result, Nokia decided to focus on this function and on ways to simplify Nokia Pulse even more.

Using Nokia Pulse is no harder than sending a text message to your buds. It's what comes along with the message that sets Nokia Pulse apart from other SMS services. With the update to the service, you can log into Nokia Pulse with your Facebook account and once the app is open, you can start a new conversation immediately. The live tile for Nokia Pulse now shows more information about unread messages.

Nokia has tried to make Nokia Pulse simple to use by consolidating one person's email addresses. If you misspell one of those addresses, the update makes it easier to edit. We have to give Nokia high marks for the part of the update that deals with your friends that are not Nokia users. If you use Nokia Pulse to send a message to someone using a smartphone manufactured by another company, it automatically sends out a link to the Nokia Pulse mobile client for your friend's specific brand of smartphone allowing all to enjoy the Nokia Pulse experience. Finally, the whole performance of Nokia Pulse has been improved.

If you already have Nokia Pulse on your phone, you will soon receive a link that will allow you to update the app. Or, you can visit the sourcelink and scan the QR code from your Nokia Lumia handset to get to the download page. There could be a delay in publishing the update in some areas. The version of Nokia Pulse that you want on your phone is so if you are downloading, wait a few days and try again.

source: Nokia



1. thunderising

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It's WP7 exclusive? Oh man

2. haikus

Posts: 3; Member since: Mar 13, 2012

Hi, this is Pino from Nokia. Nokia Pulse is available for more platforms than just for Windows Phone 7 (btw, it's not exclusive to Nokia Lumia). It is also available for Nokia Belle, for Nokia N9, soon for S40 and thanks to a mobile website, basically to all smartphones with a mobile web browser. Go to to download the app for your smartphone. We also believe that Nokia Pulse is more than a text message with some information attached. Its integration with Nokia Maps, in fact, is so deep that you can get all the places details such as address, phone number, photos and ratings directly in the message, without opening external links or apps.

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