Nokia N9 might be supported, after all, with several MeeGo updates heading its way

Nokia N9 might be supported, after all, with several MeeGo updates heading its way
Klas Ström, Nokia's Head of Portfolio Management, tweeted that the Nokia N9 will be supported in the next years, with several software updates for MeeGo in the pipeline.

Not that we were expecting anything else, despite CEO Stephen Elop's claims to the contrary. We just couldn't envision Espoo not maintaining what could turn out a pretty popular niche handset like the Nokia N9, considering all the hopes and efforts Nokia has poured into MeeGo.

Granted, Mr Elop is trying to turn the focus of attention away from Symbian and MeeGo, and towards the upcoming Nokia Windows Phones, so he largely talks about that, but other people at Nokia seem committed to maintain MeeGo, as well as work on the upcoming Symbian Anna and Belle updates.

via Engadget

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1. TreyTreyTaylor

Posts: 728; Member since: Dec 21, 2010

What the hell? It's not even out yet, they better support it. What consumer even wants a CEO to say that about a unreleased product. "Were prepared to move on if the N9 isn't successful." WHAT? I'm telling you, not trying to be a fanboy or nothing like that but Android is where it's at people. Say what you want about fragmentation and all that bull. Even if your manufacturer leaves you in the dust, The android community will take care of you like a f**cking baby. It doesn't get any better at this point and when ICS gets here it's OVER.

2. Human unregistered

Yeah, Elop's very committed to the WP7 cause. No wonder, given his MS background. But I guess it was the Finnish charm that kept Nokia alive and on top for so long. This guy is taking the company in the wrong direction. Not against WP7, but come on, don't underestimate MeeGo or any tiny platform for that matter. I'm speaking as a general tech enthusiast here and not as a fanboy like the fella mentioned above me. I'm an Android user too btw.

3. 3g unregistered

i use android and i use iphone doesnt chnge the fact that meego and wp7 look awesome.not a fanboy but a phone user...

4. vvelez5

Posts: 623; Member since: Jan 29, 2011

It just makes me feel more secure that they will support Meego. I'm still on the fence whether I will get a WP7 or Meego handset but I already know its going to be a Nokia. I miss the call quality I had when I had my Nokias. I tried many different manufactures and in my experience nothing compares to Nokia's quality.


Posts: 38; Member since: Jun 14, 2011

thats love

6. bokkie unregistered

It looks like Elop is not employed by Nokia but rather a microsoft undercover agent. I hope Nokia will soon have the guts to kick him out and focus again on home-grown products like Meego.

7. J. Scott unregistered

It seems to me a company as large as nokia would have no trouble at all of building cell phones for three different operating systems.

8. lubbalots unregistered

I'm not understanding why fanboys and phone users are so eager for Nokia to have this Meego? It looks just like iOS and android. Meego has been in the works for awhile. Why was it that it took so long to produce. Heres one thought, it looks and acts too much like iOS and android. Therefore producing and making it look different probably was not an easy task. Either way Elop was right. Taking on WP7 was the right choice. Like he said, if nokia would have taken android, their phones would end up lost in a sea of androids. Let me ask all you freakboys, whats the highest used desktop and loptop OS in the world? Windows! And also what game system is selling well right now? XBOX you f****** phone freaks. So don't be dissing WP7. XBOX and WP7 goes hand in hand. Hey, if you like android, eat it. I'll be holding hands with WP7 and not with the other twins.

9. o7o

Posts: 114; Member since: Jun 26, 2009

Sorry to disappoint you, but MeeGo doesn't look or work like iOS nor Android! This is something diefferent, something new!

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