Nokia Lumia 920 torture series continues, what will break it?

Nokia Lumia 920 torture series continues, what will break it?
It survived the drop test, it survived the knife and hammer test, what about running over it with a car?  Maybe setting it up and hitting it like a baseball will do the trick. The Nokia Lumia 920 fared quite well under drop-test conditions, it also made it through the knife and hammer test with no apparent issues what-so-ever. 

Seeing all that should make you feel pretty good about the build quality of the Lumia 920. It should have no problems dealing with day-to-day encounters. That is not enough for some people though.  The Lumia 920’s resilience poses nothing other than a challenge to those that would find its breaking point.

What else can you do beyond what has already been done? Quite a bit actually, mostly stuff that is not “real world” viable, but that does not stop the imagination does it? Moving on from mere drop tests and using it as a hammer, we see the poor Lumia 920 go through a battery of  tests  abusive conditions, from being run over to being used as a baseball, and more at the hands of man.

Which one will spell the end of the Lumia?

sources: (YouTube) via WPCentral

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