Nokia E7 to be the most important handset for Nokia in 2011?

Nokia E7 to be the most important handset for Nokia in 2011?

The Nokia E7 might not flaunt a dual-core chip or dual-screens, but it still seems to be a capable device in Nokia's business lineup. But does it stand up to be “the most important model” for Nokia in 2011 as deemed by senior Nokia official Ukko Lappalainen? The model was delayed from December in order to ensure the “best possible user experience” and it is in many ways similar to a 2010 high-end device like the Nokia N8, but pales in comparison to the dual-core powerhouses of today. The Symbian^3 experience could hardly qualify as Nokia's future for this year and that is what makes Lappalainen's statement seem a bit surprising:

"The E7 is by far the most important model for us this year when looking at sales expectations," the Nokia official said for Finnish daily Kauppalehti in an article entitled “Here is Nokia's savior.”

Does this mean that whatever changes are happening in the Finnish company, they will only really matter in 2012? Stephen Elop came with the hope of bringing change, but one more year could be a bit too much of a waiting period. In any case, there is a couple of days before Nokia's Friday presentation, which might lift the curtain over the company's future, so we'll just have to wait.

source: Kauppalehti (translated) via Reuters

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  • Display 4.0" 360 x 640 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 0.3 MP VGA front
  • Storage 16 GB
  • Battery 1200 mAh(5.00h 3G talk time)



1. Alui unregistered

Does anyone hear the bubbling from a sinking ship? Does anyone hear the fizzling from a balloon? Yep, Nokia is going down!

2. the Swede unregistered

But why oh why does Nokia put a fixed focus lens on such an expensive, "must-succeed" mobile? 100% crazy!

4. NokTokDaddy

Posts: 21; Member since: May 12, 2010

Perhaps because they see this model competing with HTC Desire Z, Motorola Millstone and others that all have very average cameras, to put it kindly. Nokia have a top-end camera device - the N8

6. Alui unregistered

Competing at 600$? For a similar price you can get an LG Optimus 2X or Motorola Atrix(with the dock).

10. Gilson unregistered

yes, but you have to make a contract for 2 years..... and for 600$ you don't need a contract

19. makr unregistered

nope... that price is contract-free...

3. NokTokDaddy

Posts: 21; Member since: May 12, 2010

@ Alui (unregistered): So increased sales over last year and now increased profits of what is still the largest mobile device manufacturer in the world means the company is 'going down' now, does it? I believe that even the share price of Nokia has risen over the last few days as well. If you really want to troll - at least get your facts straight. Point out that Android are closing fast on Symbian's market share for smartphone OS's, highlight Apple's amazing profit growth, but get your facts straight!

5. Alui unregistered

@Nok Nobody wants Symbian any more. Even Nokia users were expecting the N9 with MeeGo. If this (E7) is the most important handset for 2011, it's clear that N9 is scrapped. Nokia probably will bring a MeeGo Table at MWC, but they will not sale very well, they are too late in the game. Nokia was going down except China, where their sales compensated the loss on the global market. But they will be overtaken by Android there too: share_id15122

16. thatdude1 unregistered

Hey troll-@Alui-if by nobody wanting Symbian anymore means you, then we are better for it. Nokia has increased sales and profits over last year. How could you say no one wants them? Its idiots like you that feed falsehoods every day.

7. Finlandian unregistered

The translation from Finnish says: It was the most important for enterprise solutions. Enterprise = business tools. Please change your false headline PhoneArena. You are normally a very credible source.

11. Casanunda unregistered

Thanks for that hint. Makes a lot more sense for Nokia to say that - and the article has a completely different meaning...

8. ps unregistered

They ment that E7 is the most important business model in this year. That guy is leading a business model handset line so ofcourse he hypes his own product. Btw. Scary that some1 is using android phone as a business phone. I mean c'mon you all know that google is all about collecting information on its users. Not very secure...

9. mike unregistered

any blackberry put this Nokia to shame, even the 9780 has twice more RAM, a better camera and the design is way better too - fits in pockets

12. Julian unregistered

WOW, I was a big fan of Nokia. I've owned many different handsets and most recently traded my 6700 Classic for the Nokia N8. And what a disappointment it's been..... I ordered it back in Dec, got it, and was in love at first. Takes the most amazing pictures, and the build quality is second to known, especially with all the "plasticy" phones out now. But then after a couple of days the phone started re-booting for no reason. So back it went to Nokia, and they sent me back a brand new one rather quickly. I then reloaded everything back onto the phone and after 2 weeks this model started doing the same thing.... So now I'm waiting on my third N8 hoping that the "ghosts" are out of the machine! In the mean time I'm using my back up phone, a Samsung Focus. Not a metal body, and the camera is pretty crappy, but one important thing....the phone WORKS! No freezing up, re-booting, etc....Maybe Nokia needs to revamp from the gound up, not sure, but I agree at this pace they are just losing market share by the minute.

13. ps1001

Posts: 65; Member since: Dec 14, 2010

nokia is too big to go down... it has its turmoils but, this is a key year for the finns.. for the fone department... i think that they will get smart-enough and produce some regular smartfones(win7 or andro) but will continue to develop their own systems.. E7 is probably a very good fone(hardware vise), but 600MHz in 2011 doesnt cut it anymore.. And u can see that in many real life scenarios, like browsing, when bid sites, like this1 or similar.. So, nokia needs real stuff to get BACK IN THE GAME, as for BACK TO THE TOP- probably a miracle... As for the company itself, well, nokia-siemens is still the worlds largest GSM-NETWORK provider, so u americans must understand that not all in our universe revolves around u...

14. jack395

Posts: 23; Member since: Jul 18, 2010

ps1001 you are damn right! These guys are picking on Nokia because they want their favored manufacturers/OSes to get to the top so much so that they always try to find every little fault there is but fail to notice the numerous defects competition have! I too own phones from Motorola, SE, Samsung and LG BUT I DON'T NITPICK AT NOKIA. Shame on these people!

15. Freshie_khan unregistered

Motorlola went through the same lull after the RAZR. It was their ability to adapt which has brought their name back into the game as a premier handset manufacturer. Nokia has lots of smart people. They will figure it out globally, but the US will continue to fail because their are simply unable to meet the demands of the carrier/manufactuer relationship. Slowly but surely the stranglehold that carriers used to have with OS's is going bye bye as we shift to a 3 or 4 OS race. Total win for the consumer

17. Alui unregistered

"Here is Nokia's savior". If this is it, then what is the expected, by Nokia fans, N9? There is no N9, no MeeGo phone isn't it, Nokia?

18. RYQ unregistered

nokia is sinking fast and this phone would really help them sink even faster. flagship my a---!

20. thatdude1 unregistered

No one said this is Nokias savior...phonearena misinterpreted the article....get your facts straight, troll@alui. Nokia is building sales and moving more handsets than anybody. If thats what you call sinking then clearly you have not been reading the facts @ryq

21. thatdude1 unregistered

I really wish that phonearena and other sites like it would get their facts straight and not misquote people and run with it for the sake of sensationalism. The fact that you guys(and others)do this just shows that you are really poor journalist and lack integrity. I think I may have to stop coming to this site. You guys are not impartial in your reporting, you bash when you should not, and even form opinions when you should not. Leave the opinions for those of us who frequent the site. YOU should just report the news, unbiased and with integrity.

22. DigitalJedi_X unregistered

They can't. If they did print the truth, who would read their poorly written, poorly edited sensationalist articles? No one. Sites like Phonearena and Engadget and Boygenius Report, only get viewers from printing bogus, bullshit articles.

23. guest unregistered

@phonearena, please get your interpretations right. This topic brings a lot of wrong informations.

24. Alui unregistered

25. ashok pai unregistered

Nokia E7 is an outstanding piece of hardware. software wise, it's not as bad as what people fancy it to be. sure it does not have the glitz of androids or the ios. but the aged symbian is not that bad that it should be written off. it offers decent features, and if taken on its own merit, it stands out just fine. choice is good, people slamming the phone before they even use it is bad. iphone/ apple ecosystem has plenty of negatives to it too. a ton of people dont use apps other than the ones that come by default. on its own nokia's E7 does offer the tools most required for everyday use. if it works just fine - how is it going to be any better than another phone ? that's fanboyism - slamming another manufacturer , just 'cos!

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