Nokia 6300i has VoIP support

Nokia 6300i has VoIP support
Today Nokia announced a new variant of its 6300, the 6300i. This upgrade adds WiFi support, which will be used as the connection source for VoIP (Voice over IP) calls. The phonebook can save up to 2000 numbers in total and standard mobile/landline numbers and VoIP ones are listed side-by-side. Dedicated WLAN and VoIP symbols show the connection status and type of phone call, whether it is using GSM network or VoIP.

What is the idea? Well, VoIP allows you to conduct a call from any location with WiFi coverage. On the other hand, unlike UMA (which is supported in the other WI-Fi capable variant of the phone, the 6301), you do not depend on the GSM carrier but have to use subscription from VoIP provider such as Vonage, Packet8 or Skype, for example.

Nokia expects to start shipping the 6300i in the second quarter of the year, at an estimated price of EUR 175 ($275).

Nokia 6300i Specifications

source: Nokia



1. Tom unregistered

Would this phone be an example of "Fixed Mobile Convergence"?

2. unregistered

SKYPE? bullshit. onli Gizmo is available

3. VoIP unregistered

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4. unregistered

This phone does NOT support SIP calling over VOIP. It only supports Gizmo. Nokia service will not even think about helping you. If you plan to buy this phone for VOIP calling just DON'T!

5. sohbet

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 01, 2010

sesli SOHBET siteleri.

6. Jas

Posts: 1; Member since: Jul 06, 2010

An easy way to configure multiple different VoIP providers to 6300i is to use n0kVoIP tool,

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