Nokia & Oakley collaborates on limited edition Nokia N97 mini handsets

Nokia & Oakley collaborates on limited edition Nokia N97 mini handsets
As we've seen the Nokia N97 mini completely outfitted in the utter luster of gold, now it looks like there's another limited version of it produced for the Olympics. Sports minded sunglasses maker Oakley and Nokia worked together to manufacture 200 limited edition Nokia N97 mini phones for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics – actually, they were given out to Oakley sponsored athletes. Everything is exact to what's found on the regular version of the Nokia N97 mini except for the clearly visible Oakley Thunderbird logo that's laser etched onto the rear of the smartphone. Additionally there are some goodies loaded into the phone such as exclusive Oakley team videos and photos. Unfortunately you won't find this for sale as they were given out to athletes as we stated above, so you'll have to either go find an athlete that was given one and barter with them or wait til it somehow ends up on the online auction scene.

Nokia N97 mini Specifications | Review

via SlashPhone & WRG

Live demo of Oakley x Nokia N97mini video from What's Really Good™ on Vimeo.



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