Nokia N97 mini Gold Edition shows off its flashy & expensive exterior

Nokia N97 mini Gold Edition shows off its flashy & expensive exterior
Still trying to juice the most it can out of their flagship smartphone, the Nokia N97 mini is sporting a new exterior that's sure to make eyes roll towards it. We've heard about how one of Nokia's top VP's expressed their view about the N97's lack of living up to the experience quality for consumers, but now the company is dressing up its mini version with a slight new makeover that will surely make it one memorable handset. Dressed up in 18-carat gold, the Nokia N97 mini Gold Edition is one handset that combines your love of jewelry and mobile phones together in one complete package. Not only does it have the Midas touch, but it also comes pack with apps like “ELLE 360Fashion” that will allow fashion lovers to stay on top of the latest trends and news in the fashion world. Aside from the noticeable luxurious exterior, everything else remains intact with the handset that we've seen previously. If you really want to impress friends with this rare smartphone, you'll have to look elsewhere because it won't be sold in the US – although you can import it from either Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa where it should be made available. Finally, you'll have to dish out €625 (approximately $850) for this one-of-a-kind handset.

Nokia N97 mini Specifications | Review

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1. miniphone

Posts: 3; Member since: Mar 27, 2010

This mini phone is a much more pocket-friendly device, not to mention a more solid one. It replaced the plastic battery cover with special material, giving the phone a more substantial feel and not one of a plastic toy.

2. monica unregistered

hello,i want to buy this phone,but i have only 400 is possibile to buy him?

3. Mohamadsaker unregistered

I just bought this phone for 600$ its amazing !!!!

5. StockholmNative unregistered

Mohamadsaker where did you buy this phone for 600$?

6. Elodie unregistered

Do you know where can I buy this phone now? I don't mind paying for postage and it has to be new.

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