NoDo update for the HTC Surround is finally on its way out

NoDo update for the HTC Surround is finally on its way out
It’s hard to really comprehend the state of Windows Phone 7 right now, but despite the questionable position it’s in, Microsoft is doing their part to get out its “NoDo” update out to various handsets.

Knowing that it’s their top priority right now, HTC Surround owners are probably exuberant to know that the handset is getting its NoDo software update. After seeing other Windows Phone 7 handsets getting their treatment of the highly anticipated update, the most music-oriented device out of the bunch is now riding high with all the new features that come along with the update. However, it’s still lagging behind the pack since the security update in not bundled in with this one.

Regardless of that, we’re sure that Microsoft will no doubt keep it in mind as they continue to move forward, but it’ll be more interesting to hear from Microsoft directly about the situation regarding the amount of WP7 units sold thus far.

source: MobilyDigest via WMPoweruser

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