No iPad 3 this year

No iPad 3 this year
We’ve been hearing rumors about the iPad 3 launching this Holiday season since before the iPad 2 launched, but that made little sense from the get-go - why would Apple break their successful yearly launch tradition and speed it up when no competition was even near the iPad? Well, JP Morgan’s recent report states once again that this is not going to happen - no iPad 3 this fall and the earliest it would arrive is 2012.

Common sense? Absolutely, but the analyst had some insider information as well saying that there are indeed prototypes in the supply chain and those are somehow related to the iPad 3. But that doesn’t mean the iPad 3 will get released any earlier than 2012.

Moskowitz’s predictions are coherent - previously the analyst said he expects Apple’s tablet to continue dominating by 2012 with share at that time reaching 62.8%. The first real threat - the analyst expects - will come when Windows 8 tablets arrive. 

Other analysts including IDC however predict a slightly different future for the iPad - one where Android plays catch-up relatively quickly and Amazon’s tablet competes as well, while Windows 8 is not necessarily that influential in the short term. In this parallel reality, the iPad would still reign supreme but with a humbler market share. It’s up to you to say which one would come true, but in either case it seems that Apple has no reason to rush the next-gen slate this Holiday season.

via PCMag

Image courtesy of The Economist.
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