No Windows Phone 7 handsets from HP

No Windows Phone 7 handsets from HP
HP's executive VP, Todd Bradley, admits that his company would like to be Microsoft's biggest customer. But when it comes to mobile operating systems, there is no reason for Hewlett Packard to use Windows Phone 7. After all, HP did pick up a pretty good mobile OS when it purchased Palm and gained control of webOS which it plans on using for all of its smartphone needs. Developed by Palm and introduced in January 2009, webOS at the time it was introduced, seemed like a revolutionary OS with its use of cards to represent applications that could be turned off by simply flicking the card off of the screen. But the first device to use webOS, the Palm Pre, was done in by hype, too few apps, and a poor job of marketing. HP plans on improving the hardware to help spread the use of the software. In an interview, Bradley said, "Our intent is to focus those resources and really make webOS the best OS it can be."

HP isn't completely tossing out Windows Phone 7. The HP Slate is a tablet that originally was designed for Windows Phone 7. After the Palm acquisition, it was changed to a webOS device before switching back to Windows as a business oriented product. HP could end up making two different versions of the tablet, using Windows for the business-centric version and webOS for a model designed for the general public.

Before the Palm purchase, HP was excited about teaming with Microsoft. HP Senior VP Steve Manser had said, "
We are simply very excited to be entering a new era in our Smartphone business together with Microsoft, especially as the market continues to grow and evolve. HP is working even closer with Microsoft to develop signature phones on the Windows Phone 7 Series that offer an entirely new consumer experience." It's funny how your thoughts can change after spending $1.2 billion, which is how much Palm cost HP to buy. Actually, when you get right down to it, HP spent all that money for webOS as there really was nothing more to Palm except for some inventory of phones, and of course, the brain power of employees.

source: PCMag



3. xtroid2k

Posts: 601; Member since: Jan 11, 2010

I'm very supprised since HP is a very close partner of microsoft. Anyway this is an idiotic move on HP's part. WEBOS was great but i don't think its worth all the effort. we shall see.

2. ace1122

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I've never even seen or heard about a phone from hp. No loss here.

4. Kiltlifter

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The HP iPAQ devices were really good windows mobile devices from like 2003-2005. The iPAQ Glisten was a good windows 6.5 phone, but was not sold at a subsidized price to consumers, so no love in the US. I wish the USA would stop subsidizing phones under contracts and force people to buy phones like they are done in the EU. But then a lot of people wouldn't justify the purchase as $200 seems like the benchmark for smartphones here... even though I would pay $400-600 for a really good smartphone (iPhones, Android, Windows Phone, Palm). I have seen people at my work toss their Bolds and Storms on their desk like it was a paper notepad.... really... Yeah just toss that $500.00 device on the table, that's cool. Most people don't see the value in their smartphone if they pay so little for it, i reitterate, most. There are many of us that are glad we get it cheaper, but way more that don't see it that way. Customer: "It's just a $100 phone, why do i have to buy a new one for $559.99 just becuase I broke/dropped my old one? why cant I just pay $100 again and get a new one? I'll renew my contract again..." Sales: "Sir/Ma'am, we sold it to you under the premise of a contract that you would fulfill for two years so we could recoup the price of the device under your terms of the contract. If we renew your contract again before it is reached, we will be losing the cost of the device, thus enabling you to get a phone for basically next to nothing." Customer: "Well i don't think it is fair, I should get a new one for free." Sales: "

1. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Now it's a war against 2 brand new OS, Windows Phone 7 vs. newly developed and improved (i hope?) webOS!!!

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