No Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade for the HTC HD2

No Windows Phone 7 Series upgrade for the HTC HD2
A bit of bad news for current and future HTC HD2 owners was something we reported two weeks ago, but was confirmed today by a Microsoft VP. The otherwise sleek and spectacular HTC HD2 will not be getting an upgrade to the Windows Phone 7 Series OS. The reason for this, which we did disclose in the previous story, is rather ridiculous sounding on its face. The truth is that the handset, with 5 buttons, has 2 more than Microsoft wants on phones with its new finger friendly OS. According to Engadget, Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore has confirmed that the HD2 does not comply with the hatrdware specifications demanded by the gang at Redmond. This obviously could put a crimp on sales of the HD2 when the unit launches on March 24th via T-Mobile. But according to Engadget, almost every Microsoft employee at MIX10 was carrying around an HD2, so it can't be all bad.

HTC HD2 US Specification | Review (European)

source: EngadgetMobile

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