Nexus S is now enabled to use Google Talk's video chat service over T-Mobile's network

Nexus S is now enabled to use Google Talk's video chat service over T-Mobile's network
When we were all first introduced to Google Talk’s new video chat service for smartphones back in May, it was only made available to Android 2.3.4 devices – meaning, it was targeted for the Google Nexus S. Although Sprint customers made use of this sought out feature right away on the Google Nexus S 4G, both on 3G and 4G connections, T-Mobile customers on the other hand experienced an outage.

Sadly, Google Nexus S owners were barred from using the service over T-Mobile’s network, and instead, they had to rely on a Wi-Fi connection in order to use Google Talk’s video chat feature. Luckily, the time has finally arrived as the much anticipated feature is now enabled to work over T-Mobile’s 3G and 4G networks.

Apparently, the issue appears to stem from a special P2P mode with Google Talk’s video chat service, which was blocked by T-Mobile. Granted that it has taken Big Magenta more than a month to finally come up with a solution, they finally managed to work around it – while still blocking some other P2P connections that require the same mode.

Now that’s all cleared up, Google Nexus S owners using T-Mobile’s network can finally break free from their Wi-Fi captors and start video chatting with friends over 3G and 4G connections.

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