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Nexus One is a winner: Father of Linux

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Nexus One is a winner: Father of Linux
Linus Torvalds is known for starting the development of the Linux kernel. Not a cellphone buff, Torvalds says that they are irritating and disturbing. Still, he just bought a Nexus One when he read about the recent pinch to zoom upgrade. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and removed any hesitation that Linus had about purchasing a handset. Having a phone that runs Linux appeals to the Finnish software engineer who, besides the N-One, also owned a China-only Motorola Linux phone. He thinks that the N-One is a winner. The man who was the mastermind behind the Linux kernel also owned the G1 when it was first launched, but prefers the Nexus One because it is thinner and lighter than the G1. The latter was used mostly to play solitaire and Galaga on long flights.

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source: Linus'Blog via AndroidandMe

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