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Nexus One getting Gingerbread in “the coming weeks”

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Nexus One getting Gingerbread in “the coming weeks”
The HTC-made Google Nexus One was just announced to get an OTA Gingerbread update in “the coming weeks”, according to a tweet by the official Google Nexus account. We still think the Nexus One is great in terms of hardware and thankfully Google is doing its part to keep the phone up to date.

We knew this one could come fast as big G released the Gingerbread source code in AOSP right after the launch of the Nexus S. It took developers just hours to come up with an Android 2.3 ROM for the Nexus One, but Google warned that just compiling and running the code will not yield the best results.

The Nexus One was an ambitious project, offering the pure Android experience and even sold by Google itself with no tie to a carrier. Maybe a bit too ambitious, as Android's very own Andy Rubin said. But it remains a great device for developers as it was the first phone with Android 2.1 back in the day and since then has been swiftly updated by Google to reach its current version of Android 2.2.1. The recently released Nexus S seems to be following its younger sibling's footsteps – it is not that much of a revolutionary device, but rather a great choice for developers as it heralds the latest version of Android and will likely get VIP treatment as new updates come in.

source: Twitter via AndroidCentral

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