Nexus 6P expected to give Huawei a bump in phone shipments

Nexus 6P expected to give Huawei a bump in phone shipments
Sometimes, it's nice to start the day off with a bit of news that's on the same level as "the sun is hot" in terms of being a completely obvious headline. Luckily, that's why we have DigiTimes, the tech world leader in the blatantly obvious and wild rumors. Today, the news is simple, but not at all surprising: the Nexus 6P will likely give Huawei a boost in smartphone shipments.

DigiTimes makes the (not-so) bold claim that the release of the Nexus 6P will "further strengthen Huawei's overall shipment performance, as well as its brand image, particularly in the US". Sorry if we're not too shocked by this news given that Huawei barely has any brand image in the US, and one of the major aims of getting involved in the Nexus program was likely to change that. Various reports have made it clear that manufacturers aren't big fans of being Nexus partners, and they often don't get much revenue from being in the program. But, Huawei is a bit different from past partners like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG. Huawei is still trying to break into the high-end smartphone market in the US, and making a quality Nexus device can (and should) go a long way to making headway in that endeavor. 

According to DigiTimes, Huawei has been making strides around the world with 48.2 million phones shipped in the first half of 2015, and it is on track to ship 100 million phones for the full year. Huawei was the second largest smartphone vendor globally in the second quarter of 2015, though its 7.8% share in that quarter was well behind the leaders - Samsung at 22% share and Apple at 14.6%. 

source: DigiTimes
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