Next stop for your smartphone or tablet - anywhere between 2GHz and 2.8GHz

Next stop for your smartphone or tablet - anywhere between 2GHz and 2.8GHz
ARM Holdings and Global Foundries, which are the brains and brawns behind mobile chipsets like the one in your smartphone, announced at GTC 2010 that they have managed to put ARM's Cortex-A9 dual-core chipset on a 28nm production process. The upper limit of those 28nm silicon wafers coming out of Global Foundries is listed as 2.5GHz, and we are even reading some small print at the bottom of the presentation sheet below, citing "voltage overdrive" up to 2.8GHz

In layman's terms this cooperation means a 40 percent increase in performance, a 30 percent decrease in power consumption, and a doubling of the standby battery life when compared to the 45nm technology used in the Samsung Galaxy S, the iPhone 4, and the Motorola DROID X and DROID 2. The DROIDs have Texas Instrument's OMAP3 chipset inside, and are currently besting almost all smartphones in terms of battery life, at least until the 45nm Snapdragon in T-Mobile G2 appears this month, and we can see what it is rated at.

Texas Instruments will be the big beneficiary here, since it licensed first the next ARM chipset codenamed "Eagle". Given TI's close-knit ties with Motorola, it won't be startling if those rumors Moto was spreading that it will issue a phone running at 2GHz, actually hold water.

Global Foundries is thinking what the future holds as well, as it has already laid a roadmap for a 20nm production process, devices with which should start appearing around 2013.

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5. skymitch89 unregistered

the Snapdragon processor in the g2 is an underclocked 45nm versoin the widely popular snapdragon processor that is found in phones like the htc hd2 and htc evo 4g. it is underclocked fron 1ghz to 800mhz for some odd reason, but most likely to save battery.

2. fjkf unregistered

this has NOTHING to do with 2ghz-3ghz..Plus the G2 is nothing more than a quicker version of the HTC Slide 3g..LAME

4. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

the G2 is a vanilla android 2.2 reference device that is the first to run on the HSPA+ network which is faster than sprints 4g. Not only does it have more ram, more horsepower, more than likely a better battery life, a faster signal, is an android reference device like the nexus, it also has a bigger and nicer screen.. so if you meant the slide and G2 both have touch screen and keyboard, then yea, your right.. otherwise, u dont got a clue.. LOL. the 800mhz scorpion is supposed to be as fast as the current 1ghz snapdragon sets.

1. Aaron G unregistered

FYI, the G2 doesn't have a Snapdragon, it has a Scorpion.

3. gridlock

Posts: 31; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

Scorpion is the core of the Snapdragon chipset, which also includes the radio bands and GPS chips, etc. G2 will have a 45nm Snapdragon. The dual-core Snapdragon has two Scorpion cores, etc. Just marketing. Amazing what's in store for just next year, I m especially psyched about the battery life pump. More with less :)

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