Next month's Pokemon Go update adds Player vs. Player battles, trading and more

Next month's Pokemon Go update adds Player vs. Player battles, trading and more
Pokemon Go players should be excited by the rumor that a huge update is coming next month. Among the features that the update will bring are Player vs. Player battles and the ability to trade Pokemon with other players. The update could also include 100 new Pokemon dubbed "Generation 2." There is also talk that a Legendary Pokemon tier could be on the way. One possible addition is Tyranitor. With a maximum combat power of 3654, Tyranitar will be a powerful addition to any player's lineup.

We also could see Niantic add baby Pokemon to the game, possibly replacing the hatching of Pokemon eggs. If a player receives a Pokemon baby, he/she will be given the opportunity to evolve it. According to GameNGuide, the babies could include Pichu (a Pikachu baby), Cleffa (a Clefairy baby), Magby (a Magmar baby), Elekid (an Electabuzz baby), Igglybuff (a Jigglypuff baby), Smoochum (a Jynx baby), and a baby Tyrogue, which can grow up to be a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or a Hitmontop.

Niantic is reportedly still testing the Nearby tracking feature for its return to the game, which means that it might not be ready in time for the December update. Still, it sounds like Pokemon Go players will have a lot of new and exciting features at their fingertips just in time for the holidays.

source: GameNGuide via BGR


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