Next Samsung Mobile Unpacked event coming the first of next month at Berlin's IFA

Next Samsung Mobile Unpacked event coming the first of next month at Berlin's IFA
Samsung is sending on invitations and has produced a quick video to promote its next Samsung Mobile Unpacked event. The "party" begins on September 1st at Berlin's IFA show. The last few shows have seen the Korean based manufacturer introduce some of its most beloved products like the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II handsets and both the original and redesigned Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The tag line "Something Big Is Coming" could be a reference to some mobile device with a large screen. At one point the video shows the product (disguised as a gold orb of some sort) being held like a tablet, but it also is placed up to the ear as you would do to a phone. Even though Samsung disavowed that roadmap that included the Ice Cream Sandwich powered handset, it looks like the roadmap was correct about the Samsung Celox, so who is to say that the 5.29 inch phone mentioned isn't also going to be reality? We're thinking new Android device, with a large screen, used by Colonel Mustard in the conservatory possibly some type of phone-tablet combination. September 1st will be upon us sooner than you might think and we should find out then what is behind the orb .

source: (translated) via AndroidCentral


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