New service lets you share your date's texts and get the community's interpretation

New service lets you share your date's texts and get the community's interpretation
A new service for ladies allows them to post an SMS message by their recent date, and get some help from the community in interpreting the meaning behind the words. The site, called HeTexted, is produced by Lisa Winning, who's been a beauty assistant for Glamour magazine and in business development at Quintessentially.

Obviously, the service is designed for women, but there's also SheTexted in the works for the guys out there, who actually tend to be more confused by what women have in mind rather than the other way around. Anyways, there are also iOS and Android apps in development for those who'd prefer asking the community or responding this way rather than by using the web browser.

So how does this whole thing actually work? Well, you can either register a real profile, or act anonymously. When you post a text by your date, or rather the content of the text, the community will try to help you by giving you advice via the comments, or by choosing one of the following three voting options "He's Into You," "He's not into you," or "Verdict is still out."

The idea of the side does seem pretty cool, but we know what the majority of PhoneArena readers are thinking - when will SheTexted be ready for prime time? Unfortunately, this question is still to be answered, but until then, why don't you start sending some weird texts to your dates and enjoy the funny discussions over at HeTexted?!

source: AllThingsD


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