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New pictures of Apple iPad 2 leak

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New pictures of Apple iPad 2 leak
Just a few days before the expected official introduction of the Apple iPad 2, some pictures of the tablet have leaked, showing off some of the new design and features. This coming Wednesday, as we have reported, Apple is supposed to introduce the iPad 2. As you can tell from these pictures, the sides of the new version seem to be more tapered. The side-by-side photo really tells the story of how Apple has flattened out the back of the new iPad while shrinking the total size of the device.

Assuming that the device is launched looking just like the pictures below, is everyone happy with the changes made by Apple to the design of the tablet?

Thanks, Peter!

source: iBlackBox (translated) via Ferra.ru (translated)

The Apple iPad 2 is smaller than the first model with a camera on the top upper left of the back

At the top of the device you can see what appears to be the front-facing camera

The Apple iPad 2 (L) appears to be smaller than the original model with a flatter back and more angular sides

Note the speaker grille on the bottom left with the dock connector at the middle of the bottom

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