New phones listed on Verizon's Rebate Form

New phones listed on Verizon's Rebate Form
Verizon's newest rebate form goes into effect today, September 2. Listed on it are several new phones that should be out by October 13th (the rebates end date). First off is the Motorola Rapture VU30, which is a flip phone with new keypad styling, due to be released Sep 9 with a price of $99. The Krave ZN4 Titanium is the new name of Motorola's first full touchscreen phone the Blaze ZN4, featuring a unique clear plastic flip with integrated earpiece speaker. Also on the list is the mysterious Motorola VU204, of which little is known. From LG comes the VX8360 and VX5500, which are updated versions of the VX8350 and VX5400. Samsung will introduce the Sway U650, similar in design to the Soul, and Knack U310, which is geared more to seniors with a design similar to the Coupe and Jitterbug. Unfortunately, missing for the rebate form are the HTC Diamond and Blackberry Storm (a.k.a Thunder), both of which are highly anticipated. Those are more likely to come out after October 13th and may be listed on the next rebate form.

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1. unregistered

wow i'm starting to hate vzw where is THUNDER, DIAMOND and D-Pro my renew is coming up and I won't mind switching companies since I live in the city

22. unregistered

The thunder is called the storm and is coming soon... as for the diamond and pro, Sprint has some exclusivity stuff but it will most likely be a short exclusive.

29. unregistered

go to sprint or att, it will be your mistake. ive worked for nearly all the companies and verizon when they release phones are a majority of the time less problemsome then impatient twitchy competitors that just have to crap their phones on the market. Who cares about first to own if you have the best product.

2. unregistered

No kidding, VZW needs to get off their ass and start releasing phones already. I have been out of contract for almost six months waiting for them to release something good.

26. unregistered

i agree!!!! i've been out of contract for about the same amount of time - when i started hearing rumors about the diamond. i looked at the dare today, but really want to hold out for the diamond. i'm gonna take a look at the sprint diamond, and if don't like it, i'm going for the dare, i guess. i just want a WM device due to the plethora of programs to add on! grrrr vzw...

41. unregistered

well i've been looking at all other companies and i thought VZW was the only company steadily releasing new phones....

42. unregistered

re: #30 I'm pretty sure Verizon allows you to use other phones of the same technology (which Sprint is). If you don't mind paying more for just the Diamond (probably $500-600) you can get Verizon's update for it. Plus Verizon's Diamond isn't as good as Sprint's. I'm not positive about this, but I'm pretty sure.

3. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

Comment #1 and #2: Please do me a favor and move your sorry whiney asses over to another cell phone compaany and take advantage of their 30 day test periods. Living in the city doesn't mean shit, to be honest it means quite the opposite. When you move down to your crappy carrier with the "cooler phones" you'll notice that there are a lot more people trying to use the same amount of towers by the less than carrier. So what does that mean? Dropped calls, takes longer to conenct, frustration, anger and wishing you were back on the biggest network. Be my guest.

23. unregistered

Exactly. If you don't ENJOY the fantastic service Verizon is providing it's customers, then make the switch and make more room for those who understand what its like to have a working phone, and let us enjoy what we've got. We dont need to hear your whining as you leave, just fuck off and die. Its that simple.

4. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

connect* I can't type today apparently

5. Kent unregistered

Sprint uses most of Verizon's towers whenever they do not have a tower.... so how could it get taxed more in a city if Verizon is big in the city? I think I'll stick with Sprint because they appreciate their customers in giving them great phones without stripping them down (minus picture mail for PDA's prior to Diamond) but all older PDAs will be able to use it as well now......

30. unregistered

Yes you are correct that Sprint uses Verizon towers when they dont have a tower near but you are using the lower end of the signal. Also you are being charged for using those towers as well unless you have that silly $5 or $10 fee to have no roaming (worst feat. i have ever heard of btw) why not just switch to Verizon and take FULL advantage of the 3G network that we have had for 3+ yrs? Im not trying to say sprint sucks and the only good service out there is Verizon, in my case it is but i have had ATT, Sprint/NExtel and TMoble and they have all failed in service. You might get decent service with sprint but why pay them to you Verizon towers its not like your getting any taste of what they offer? As far as Verizon stripping down phones i dont think they do. Yes they take away WIFI but who needs it when you get on 3g everywhere. WiFi is over rated in my opinion, but most everything else stays the same so i dont understand when pple say Verizon strips phones...

6. unregistered

THANK YOU Anomalies DAMN U PPL R WHINNEY!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the friggin phones on verizon arent bad these days..... and the city WTF???!?!??!?!!!?!!? when i had tmobile in l.a. it was absolutely HORRID

7. j0esm00 unregistered

Although Anomalies was a bit rash with the reply he or she is absolutly correct and please stop your whinning and move already. You will be back. I went to Sprint only to have my phone shut off twice cuz they couldn't get their billing department together with the store to see that I actually paid for the equipment. I went to AT&T about 4 years ago and had more drop calls then I have had with VZW. Now I must admit that do strip the shit out of the phones and they are pretty expensive but for someone that travels alot I know that I do have some sort of connection almost 98% of the time

8. unregistered

I agree 100% with Anomalies. Quite honestly, I'm NOT with VZW because of the phones. However, I do love my Dare. BUT, I would import a higher level phone if I could. I'm with VZW because no matter where I am, I have a signal, and don't drop a call or break up. I can't say I've ever had the same luck anywhere else. So instead of trying my luck, I prefer to stay with what I KNOW works.

9. haha unregistered

wait till you get a bill for data. Gotta watch Verizon like a hawk cuz they will bill the hell out of you and good luck trying to get it fixed.

17. unregistered

if you dont want to be charged for data...then dont get on the internet, its clearly stated that on the new nationwide plans, you will be charged 1.99 per MB for data usage, which is mobile web access, browsing ringtones and videos, downloading games and programs.. anything that requires data to be x-fered to your phone will cause you to have charges

18. unregistered

..also would you like to know why you are charged. I will tell you, when you download apps, this takes up bandwidth, and there is a finite amount to go around. Granted, VZW allocates usage the best so there are less dropped calls, yada yada yada, but still if they didnt charge, then they couldnt afford to put out more towers to handle all those britney spears songs you keep downloading.

25. unregistered

also if you dont like being charged for data go to your account and block all incomming and outgoing data so you dont get charged....its that easy, or call 611 and have them do i for you if you're to lazy.

10. Hi unregistered

Glad verizon is getting the Samsung Sway U650 because they haven't had a decent slider in a while since the chocolate. I like the soul design and all. Also, you can always wait for a new phone to come out but you know that something better will come out in the future. By the time the Blackberry Thunder comes out there be talk about the Iphone 3 Voyager 2 ect. Than you'll wait ect. Just pick a phone now or pick a phone comming in the near future. Don't like any of the phones or the ones comming out switch carriers.

24. unregistered

The u650 is a 1X only device, No EVDO, It doesn't have Soulb's navigation key, It's just a brush stainless steel ala LG VX8700 slider.

11. rj04 unregistered

You people are so ridiculous! You think you can tell these people to go somewhere else like VW is your company. If you're an actual VW employee and this was how you dealt with walk-in customers who wanted a better phone you would probably be fired on the spot. And if you weren't, morons like you would run a perfectly good company into the ground. New amazing phones are coming out for every company and all Verizon adds are these mid-level phones? What do you expect people to say when they are probably paying more than they would with any other major carrier?

16. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

Sorry, I don't work for Volskwagon? I don't know where the mix up is there? Oh did you mean VZW? Oh okay, I see what you what you mean. Anyways, obviously I don't treat a customer like that over the phone or in-store. However, a very good portion of our customer's who leave, come back in 30 days. You can argue, but the statistics are there. Now, I do agree to an extent that VZW crippling there phones is retarded and we could use a better line-up. People are actually okay with most phones, tits the high end tech junkie phones that I think we could majorly improve on. Just give it time or enough customer complaints and we'll see how things change.

34. unregistered

That was pretty stupid Anomalies. You're dumb if you didn't know he meant Verizon Wireless when he wrote VW.

36. vzwrep unregistered

obviously he knew what he meant by VW...why bother pointing out blatant sarcasm

12. Anomalies is a Moron unregistered

VZW is by far the worst for releasing new handsets. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? If a crappy company like Sprint can release new phones (smartphones that is), why can't Verizon do it? It took HOW LONG for the 6800 to come out compared to the Sprint version? We'll be lucky to see the Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro by the end of Q1 2009. VZW handsets really suck.

15. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

Did I say anything about our handsets not sucking? Yeah I agree some of them blow. But I was talking about networks retard. Next time you respond, actually read the post before looking like an idiot. kthx

31. unregistered

abrasive much?

32. unregistered

Sprint releasing phones sooner than VZW doesnt exactly seem to be working for them. Come back and post again when Sprint is still releasing phones right away and they are no longer in the red. Meaning that they simply lose more customers than they add every quarter. I dont know. Coincidence?

37. unregistered

No one was talking directly to you.

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