New organic image sensor for phones and cameras to offer the highest dynamic range

OLED technology is undeniably cool, as any flagship Samsung phone owner can attest - it offers wide viewing angles, deep blacks, and saturated colors, but how about using the goods in a smartphone camera sensor?

By replacing the traditional silicon photodiode with CMOS image sensor technology using organic photoelectric conversion layer, researchers from Fuji and Panasonic managed to beat the specs of the traditional construction that is in our phones and cameras now:

source: Fuji via Engadget



1. yudi.nemesis unregistered

another great technology from Japanese companies

3. juandante

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there is nothing to complain about, Japanese are just the ones who put the most investment in camera device, in the same way USA or countries in Europe put their efforts in other places (and for this Japan would be far behind)...

2. itsdeepak4u2000

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4. -box-

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How does it compare to graphene sensors?

5. illiad

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you find one, they will try it.... :p

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