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New leaked shots of the rear shell for the Apple iPhone Lite

New leaked shots of the rear shell for the Apple iPhone Lite
There have been so many leaks for the Apple iPhone Lite in the last couple of weeks, that you would think that we would be immune to them at this point. On Saturday, we saw pictures of two models claiming to be the low priced iPhone, both in white. One picture shows what looks to be a traditional Apple iPhone design while the second photo shows a device that doesn't look anything like Apple's iconic smartphone.

One interesting leak last Thursday, showed what appeared to be Lego parts but which are said to be volume buttons for the low-cost Apple iPhone. These parts showed up again in a series of new photos leaked on Monday, showing what is alleged to be the rear shell for the Apple iPhone Lite. The snapshots show the shell in a number of various angles and one of the pictures shows a bag containing the plastic volume buttons and the vibration switch.

The latest information on the phone says that the front of each model will be white with the rear shell available in red, green, blue, white and yellow. The phone is 2mm to 3mm shorter than the current Apple iPhone 5 and will carry the same specs. We've already gone over the rumored pricing, but we will do it once more for the west coast. The 16GB model will be $349, while the 32GB and 64GB models are alleged to be $449 and $549 respectively. Earlier on Monday, we told you that analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies estimated that the iPhone Lite would cost $300 to $400 making it more of a mid-range model. At that price, the analyst feels that the phone will not sell well in the emerging markets where it is expected to be shipped.

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source: Weibo (translated) via TechKiddy
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