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New iPhone to offer video chat?

New iPhone to offer video chat?
Last year around this time, a brochure made the rounds showing how a new video chat feature on the iPhone would work. Using specific fonts and colors, it looked for all the world to be a publication straight from AT&T and included pictures of video chats in progress. The brochure even discussed that the feature would work on Wi-Fi only. When the iPhone 3G was released, there was no video chat, of course, making the entire brochure a well-crafted fake.

Now, on the eve of what many expect to be the announcement of a new iPhone, photos of what is supposed to be the new model have been seen and the latest pictures show a front facing camera on the device. That, by itself, would mean nothing except that we now have seen snaphots of what appears to be a video chat in progress on the handset. And yes, it looks like the phone is using Wi-Fi during the conversation. Yesterday we reported that a new iPhone model to be introduced Monday would be called the iPhone Video. That name would dovetail perfectly with a new version of the phone that had the ability to offer video chat.

While the pictures don't show much difference between the alleged new model and the iPhone 3G, the bezel is blacked out on the leaked photos and the Apple on the back cover might "glow" when the phone is turned on.

If a new iPhone had a video chat function, would it be enough to stop the progress of the Palm Pre just a few days after the latter was launched?

source: NowhereElse via IntoMobile

The new iPhone is now officially announced - you can check the Apple iPhone 3G S Specifications here.

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