New details on LG VX8800 for Verizon

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New details on LG VX8800 for Verizon
We recently informed you about the upcoming LG VX8800 and LG VX10000 that Verizon is planning on releasing sometime over the next few months. Today we were provided with several more pictures and specifications about the VX8800 by an anonymous source.

The Camera has been updated from a 1.3MP to a 2MP, yet there is no Flash or AutoFocus.The Dynamic Color TFT Touchpad, which replaces the scroll wheel on the VX8550 Chocolate, has text icons that change depending on which application you are using. You can "slide" you finger across the display's arrows to scroll thorough the menus. There are two themes included, the standard "Verizon" and a new one as shown in the pictures. The back of the phone has a leather-like feel and imprint to it. The included battery is 800 mAh.

Despite the information and pictures provided, no one seems to know when the VX8800 will be released, what the target price will
be, or if it will still carry the name "Chocolate".

Please continue to check as we will provide you with any updates as they become available.



1. RV unregistered

speaking as a person who sells chocolates, my vote would be for "liquid chocolate" for the new display. u know u like it! :D

2. unregistered

Touch Chocolate... it's so obvious!

3. unregistered

'Liquid Chocolate. The only chocolate you want to melt in your hand'

4. tk unregistered

Chocolate "power bar"

5. what unregistered

liquid choclate? i also sell them. thats a ridiculous name. i dont think they should stay away from the name cholate. seeing how they have never hade a "choclate" colored one.

6. Tzinger unregistered

It doesn't matter what phone Verizon sells, they won't let you connect directly to your computer. Verizon disables any direct connection so you'll pay their fees to connect to their online service.

7. what unregistered

direct connec to get music? why wouldnt you just use a memory card reader to dump all the mp3s and wma's that you want onto the card? the phone will read them just fine. let the phone format the card and start putting music into your MY MUSIC folder.

8. what unregistered

so your blaming verion for you poor choice in buying a phone? or could it be your phone came out before alot of phones had memory cards? i deal with ignorant people like you everday, you go blaming Verizon for your phone not having all the features you wanted, because you were to cheap to buy what you wanted. what phone do you have anyways? theres not a VCast music phone without a memory card slot.

9. connection unregistered

just use bitpim i use it to manage everything on my phone

10. The winner unregistered

Look, it's easy. You don't have anyone to blame for this, but yourself. You chose: 1: Your phone. 2: Your network Your choices, your consequences. You have a poor choice in phones, if it doesn't have a memory card slot. You have a poor choice in networks, because Verizon is not exactly the least restricting network out there. Makes me glad that they have good networks in Scotland. Note to self: Don't waste words explaining things to retards.

11. unregistered

I just have one question to the guy getting all pissy over verizon and the connecting to the computer......HOW OLD IS YOUR PHONE DUDE?! lol I mean what do you have a motorola E815 or what. If you do thats your own damn fault I'd think by now you could have gotten a new phone sence they allow one year upgrades now....thats just sad and sorry. The new chocolate or what ever we call it will be nice and just like any phone some people will love it and others will hate on it...thats normal. I myself HATE the iphone.

12. kris unregistered

my phone is up for an upgrade and the guy at verizon said i should wait until these new ones come out. they pictures are being released on Oct. 3rd this phone is the 2nd from the left. he said it will be released probably around the end of the month or the day after thanksgiving. it will probably be really expensive but i like it better the the choclotes.

13. unregistered

i think this phone will do very well along with the new lg voyage phone!

14. unregistered

Its not going to have the name "chocolate" at all.

15. unregistered

its voyager not voyage

16. elisa unregistered

why not call it gum drop or lolly? something fun! you feel me?!

17. unregistered

Venus release 11/5 with price of $199.00, don't know if before or after rebate. Voyager release 11/21 with price of $299.00, don't know if before or after rebate.

18. hmm unregistered

pretty sure that the PRE-ORDER date for venus will be the 4th or 5th of November, and release date 19th... but others have said 21-24 (which I don't think will be the case because of the holiday).

19. orangeenv unregistered

its not going to be called the voyager thats a different phone this one will be called venus

20. Ben unregistered

You can see the above comments were written before the name was known idiot.

21. Digon unregistered

Hey everybody look its a wanna be iPhone, This is why i ported to Att and got an iphone verizon has no concept on what good. They had a chance to get the iphone first but just got to gretty now look at them going to cell phone manufactures and telling them to come up with a phone that resembles some of the iPhone features..... and what do they come up with.... another "Fancy Chocolate" and the startrek "Voyager"

22. listed unregistered

venus and voyager are now preorder on verizon... but no online discount? they were just released on the site about 20 min ago... i'm thinking i'll wait til morning for them to figure out the kinks because the site is being weird

23. unregistered

I just pre-ordered the Venus. I'm a bit unclear on what service plan i'll save the most with so i left my plan unchanged for now. it's not compatible with premium pricing plans, yet it doesn't have VCast either (aside from music) so i when i use the mobile web 2.0 i'm going to have to pay for each MB transferred...(?) we'll see...

24. Alex G unregistered

This should be called the Caramel because it is sweet and smooth. Make it in a nice brown color.

25. Kent unregistered

yeah i just got the venus the other day. the touch screen is kinda weird to get used too. after about a day it feels real nice. the camera it pretty neat. ps liquid chocolate would have been a much better name

26. anonymous unregistered

omg i totally agree with you....i deal with the same kind of people everyday, ignorant, snobby, greedy babies all day who they choose not to get those features when we ask them about it and then when they do it they complain saying its our fault..its always verizons fault never their own....its called take responsibility for your own choices and actions, duh!

27. anonymouse unregistered

who cares about the iphone??? seriously who cares??? they are just phones.. yeah its cool cause it is all touch screen and it goes on the internet but its a phone that can break, crash or even get a virus so if you want to port out to at&t go ahead but good luck with trying to make phone calls...and plus you cant picture message you have to go into your email to get the picture and you have to go on the web to do that and if you dont pay for the web you get fees just like any other carrier so like i said who cares about a stupid iphone!

28. WarleyRedd unregistered

Actually, I think they should call the new LG VX8800 the "Venus".

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