LG VX8800 and VX10000 for Verizon have touch-displays!

This article contains unofficial information.
LG VX8800 and VX10000 for Verizon have touch-displays!
Engadget Mobile received spy photos of the two new LG phones Verizon Wireless is going to get – the VX8800 and the VX10000, which are coming as successors of respectively the VX8550 and the VX9900 enV. The two new devices will feature touch sensitive displays and slightly personalized interface.

The LG VX8800 is a slider, similar to the VX8550, but instead of the touch-activated buttons will be navigated by a dynamic touch display area. Depending on the menu you are in, it will display different navigation options (buttons, sliders, etc). From the photos it seems that it is not part of the main display, which will probably be non-touch one. The bottom slider will typically house numeric keyboard.

The LG VX10000 is very similar to the enV on the inside, but on the outside it has much bigger and now touch-sensitive display, instead of the numeric keyboard. Similar to LG’s European models with Touch-display (Prada, KS20 and Viewty), it has only 3 keys and the display has the typical four LG shortcuts. Probably the interface will also be personalized, to match the above mentioned models.

*Update 10 Sep* The VX10000 will support the VCast MobileTV MediaFLO service.

As a whole, the VX8800 will logically update the Chocolate series with new solution for navigation (dynamic display instead of buttons) and the VX10000 will make the enV slimmer and more attractive with full functionality when closed, which must be opened only when texting.

Images courtesy of EngadgetMobile



1. Dre unregistered

It looks to me the LG10000 is gonna have tv? if you look at the dipsplay, you'll see a small lil tv with an "X" in the middle(no tv signal,lol) if thats true, that would be 2 SWeet!!!! (N.W.O, style)

2. Mase unregistered

Ok so i'm not going to lie i kinda drooled when i saw this phone... if anyone can tell me a rough estimate of when this bad boy is going to hit the market that would be totally sweet... help a brotha out

3. Dundee unregistered

I guess this is what they meant when they said the i-phone would revolutionize the market. It's great to see things progressing this quickly.

4. unregistered

I am so mad because i just got the new orange enV and now i see the LG 10000 and it is ridiculous, it is exactly what the enV lacks which is a much bigger screen on the outside and what makes it even greater is that it is a touch screen as well!!!

5. YOO unregistered

SICKKK!! DDANNGG when are those phones coming out!!!

6. mois unregistered

im a supervisor for data at verizon and this is why were the best screw the iphone these phones are gonna blow the iphone 2 pieces

87. justwantagreatphone unregistered

Um, yeah.. Ok. It's been a year since this comment, and it's clear that you were being a bit hasty. I've owned the voyager since it released, and although its a great PHONE; the best reception I've had on a cell, the "touch" ui nothing but a gimmick. No third party apps, or ANY apps for that mater. It's a GREAT phone for chatting, but in no way shape or form, or any plane of reality, can the voyager be compared with the iphone let alone be called an iphone killer. Verizon is quickly falling behind in the hardware department. With the iphone 3g and the new Blackberry Bold on AT&T's lineup, i'm seriously considering finally jumping ship after waiting for verizon to get some ground breaking phones.

7. Archangel unregistered

I hate to look for new cell phones. There are so damned many of them to consider. I have been very pleased with my LG 7000. I was thinking about the iPhone, but I am hooked on the best network on the planet and didn't want to switch. Verizon always has a product line chock-filled with stodgy phones. I obsessed about cell phones. I thought the LG 8700 in it's silvery shininess was it, but alas the battery life was said to be too short. I have an extended battery in the 7000 and I do not want to recharge every day. A fleeting thought about the EnV, but then again the technology is last years, already! Then I became convinced that a snart phone might be the best way to go. So I obsessed about smart phones. Should it have WiFi? Verizonis scheduled to launch the Blakberry Pearl by December...maybe I could wait. But they were supposed to deliver the Samsung i1760 in September. Then I discovered the Nokia N series, but they were all BIG bucks and did I really need all those features anyway? I want long battery life, a big screen, sleek looks, WiFi, voice dialing, internet access and a qwerty keyboard and I want LG on Verizon. Bingo! I found my phone. Looks good, huh? Life is good...

8. TalkGirl unregistered

I currently have the en-V right now. I cannot wait until the new one comes out. This is going to be a hard decision, especially if the 10000, the htc 6800, and the i760 all come out at the same time. Decisions, Decisions.

9. Mike unregistered

Anybody find out about when they are coming?? Been searching everywhere??

10. flea unregistered

My verizon plan is up pretty soon and i was getting real nervous that no sick phones were coming out. but i think i got what i was asking for. =] now if they would just give some sorta release timewindow....

11. moi unregistered

When the FCC approves a phone how long after does that approved phone come out usually?

12. chris_e_rich unregistered

im a vzw sales rep and I went to a mltimedia work shop we had on some phones and services for the future and the estimated date the dude told us on this phone was around late november or early december

13. c unregistered

vzw is watching, employees are sometimes linked to this site. watch what you post

14. flea unregistered

ok so your gonna tell on this guy for telling us an APROXIMENT release date?!?! that's low. so this is what you want to happen? I get my upgrade in october and i get a phone i dont really want and then this one comes out and wanna slit verizons throat because i have a shitty phone, which most of your phones are, instead of having one i might ACTUALLY be satisfied with? great costomer service.

15. yup unregistered

The road map that was intraduced to all Verizon sales reps states - Samsung i760 release in September. Nice PDA, the lgvx 8800 depending on bug fixes will release in December i not sooner and the 1000 in around the same time. Even if we get FCC approval, the device could be kicked back due to bugs / issues with the device. So if you are coming up on contract end date or upgrade eligibility. Try to hang tight.I'm curiouse though - how many people know what the difference is between CDMA and TDMA technology? With that thought - as technology advances - CDMA (Verizon / Sprint) will be powerhouses in the next couple of years when it come to Tech devices.

16. Manda unregistered

i love the phone. wish it came out sooner. my birthday was in augest and any phone of my choice was my presant since i have the sh@tty old chocolate...and i really dont want to switch to tmobile and get a sidekick being as tmobile gets no where near as good of service but seriously...trying to earn little brownie points by snitching on your colleagues who are just doing the best for the consumer...TELLING US WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. thats low as hell.

17. chris_e_rich unregistered

Ive been associated with vzw a long time there is nothing wrong with disclosing something about a phone that has already been presented to the public no matter what form it was vzw phonescoop phonearena so on.. STOP SNITCHIN' and find something better to do holla

18. What it do unregistered

Chris E Rich is my hero! haha thanks a lot man good looking out... you kept me a verizon customer so if vzw is watching... read that... the insight Chris gave us just came me from switching to at&t so thanks again buddy

19. theo unregistered

who cares if vzw is watching. what do they not want customers now. thanks chris keep us updated and happy with vzw.

20. bluekornfarmer unregistered

Does anyone know when these are gonna be realeased?

21. unregistered

To the dumbass that obviously did not want to take some time out of his busy life and read the rest of the comments on this topic, RELEASE DATE IS AROUND CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

22. Guest unregistered

Verizon is SLOWLY coming out with phones that uses CDMA and GSM. They are still WAY BEHIND in phones that uses both technologies. I don't understand why they dont offer more BETTER phones (i.e. Nokia N95). I'm 50/50 if i want to stay with verizon or switch

23. do u know unregistered

this new phone sure is looking sweet but most of the sales reps at verizon havent even heard of it, how weird....u think that they are hidding something?

24. Laura unregistered

posible cost estimate?? or is it too early to ask...?

25. Superman Shaw unregistered

its a secret so dont tell everyone you know or you wont get one but the lg vx10000 comes out tomorrow! im sooo excited im sleeping outside the verizon store tonight =)

26. hdtv unregistered

i'm so excited about the 10000 but there is no way it will be out tomorrow trust me. but if it is pick one up for me

27. Superman Shaw unregistered

I told you all it was coming out today! the stores are keeping it all quiet tho its by special request only... i got mine and let me tell you its way sweeter than advertised this just might be the happiest day of my life =) !!!!

28. unregistered

it is actually a problem to post info about phones before they are released to the pbulic even if it is through online sources like endgagdet or phone arena and if you worked for verizon you would know that, it against company policy, why do you think the id info for the phone is blacked out

29. Dave unregistered

is this phone really out because i called verizon and they said they never heard about it?

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