LG VX8800 and VX10000 for Verizon have touch-displays!

Engadget Mobile received spy photos of the two new LG phones Verizon Wireless is going to get – the VX8800 and the VX10000, which are coming as successors of respectively the VX8550 and the VX9900 enV. The two new devices will feature touch sensitive displays and slightly personalized interface.

The LG VX8800 is a slider, similar to the VX8550, but instead of the touch-activated buttons will be navigated by a dynamic touch display area. Depending on the menu you are in, it will display different navigation options (buttons, sliders, etc). From the photos it seems that it is not part of the main display, which will probably be non-touch one. The bottom slider will typically house numeric keyboard.

The LG VX10000 is very similar to the enV on the inside, but on the outside it has much bigger and now touch-sensitive display, instead of the numeric keyboard. Similar to LG’s European models with Touch-display (Prada, KS20 and Viewty), it has only 3 keys and the display has the typical four LG shortcuts. Probably the interface will also be personalized, to match the above mentioned models.

*Update 10 Sep* The VX10000 will support the VCast MobileTV MediaFLO service.

As a whole, the VX8800 will logically update the Chocolate series with new solution for navigation (dynamic display instead of buttons) and the VX10000 will make the enV slimmer and more attractive with full functionality when closed, which must be opened only when texting.

Images courtesy of EngadgetMobile

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