New company called eelo will give you de-Google-ized Android so that you can keep your privacy

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A new start-up company called eelo wants to provide you with an alternative version of Android. What makes this different than the version of the mobile OS that you are familiar with is that this version is de-Google-ized. The goal is to allow users to have more privacy than they currently do with the Google Play Services version of the open source OS. Services like email, online office applications, apps and cloud storage will be offered in Google-free flavors with users' personal information strongly protected. These services will be based on software offered by LineageOS, which grew out of the seeds planted by CyanogenMod.

The eelo project will not only be open source, it also will be not-for-profit which means that business decisions won't be made with the almighty buck in mind. The project is being run by Gaël Duval, whose Mandrake Linux was a forked version of that OS. Duval complains that Android is getting too big and unwieldy, and is tracking users constantly. This means that users are turning into data points for Google to sell to advertisers.

Duval is looking to give Android users a new "stock Android" experience and will release the project as "privacy-enabled" ROMs and smartphones. To raise money for the project, Duval has turned to Kickstarter where he is seeking to raise $29,644 by January 20th. So far, 94 backers have pledged $9,522.

In about a month's time, we will know whether Duval was successful in meeting his funding target. You can currently pledge to receive eelo pre-installed on a mid-range handset like the Xiaomi Mi 5s for 1,024 EUR ($1214.40 USD). You can also have eelo pre-installed on a high-end smartphone like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 for 2,048 EUR ($2,429 USD). Other contributions can be made in a much lower amount for stickers, t-shirts and other goodies. If you are looking for an operating system with Android-type capabilities that gives you more privacy, you might find eelo to be your cup of tea. If so, click on the sourcelink below.

source: Kickstarter

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