New app lets you tweet from the grave

New app lets you tweet from the grave
Imagine the shock that your friends and family will feel when they continue to receive tweets from your Twitter account after you've died. Starting in March, LivesOn will be available as an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn your style of writing so that tweets can continue to be sent out under your name while you're under the ground.

Believe it or not, there already is an app called DeadSocial that sends out tweets from your account after you've passed on, but the messages are written by you before your death. LivesOn tries to capture how you write your tweets. The AI also tries to learn what subjects you normally respond to so that tweets that are sent out in your name cover the kind of subject matter that you would have tweeted about when you were in the pink. Those who want to use the app will have to appoint an executor who will be in control of your Twitter account after you've gone.

As morbid as this is, wouldn't you just love to catch the reaction of your friends and family the first time they get tweeted from your ghost? LivesOn already has a web page up where you can leave your email address to be notified when the app is (please forgive us) live. And no matter how you feel about the whole thing, you have to laugh at the app's tagline on its site. "When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting."

source: LivesOn via CNET



1. Reluctant_Human

Posts: 913; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

As stupid as it as it is creepy.

4. Ameliahunter

Posts: 26; Member since: Jan 15, 2013

So I'm not the only one who thinks it's REALLY creepy %)

13. PhenomFaz

Posts: 1236; Member since: Sep 26, 2012

this has got to rank amongst some of the most messed up s@$t out there! and people who actually use this app need to see a shrink for obsessive social disoorder!

2. husfus

Posts: 62; Member since: Oct 21, 2012

But great idea

3. blackice214

Posts: 168; Member since: Jan 03, 2013

wow, now i can say fucck you to my haters from my grave yes.

5. Ameliahunter

Posts: 26; Member since: Jan 15, 2013

Why wait for so long? You can tell them that now :)))

6. Bfrenz

Posts: 285; Member since: Aug 26, 2012

OMG! This dpesnt gets any creepy than this. I'm gonna puke.

7. nikenturd unregistered

So creepy....only applicable if ur dying of cancer


Posts: 456; Member since: Nov 19, 2011

I'm sure Apple will try to patent this nonsense

9. Azure01

Posts: 127; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

I'm just laughing at the comments and article period, this is to funny. Only in this generation(sadly my generation) would people be so up the ass of social media that an app like this would be born.

10. rocketlog

Posts: 26; Member since: Jan 31, 2012

This is not creepy at all. Not creepy at all.

11. pratyushgaur.6

Posts: 24; Member since: Feb 21, 2013

Should be available on Windows Phone to start with....i can see that thing going to grave first. xD

12. pratyushgaur.6

Posts: 24; Member since: Feb 21, 2013

On a serious note...this is sad app....really really sad. Lol....who wants to do that? At 27.....i want to live for 50 more years.....i really don't want to plan tweets after i am dead. Lol.

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