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Verizon outs new Above Unlimited price tier, let's you mix it with Go and Beyond plans


Rejoice, current and future Verizon Wireless subscribers, you will be able to mix and match your unlimited plans from now on and take advantage of a brand new one, "Above Unlimited" entry. That's right, Big Red just sent us a presser detailing its new unlimited plan offers that will go into effect starting Monday, June 18th.

What's changed? Unfortunately, Verizon isn't cutting its Go and Beyond Unlimited plan prices, but rather updating them on the top end with the brand spankin' new Above Unlimited option, the oxymoron that it is. 

To the existing $75 and $85 monthly plans, respectively, it will now have a whopping $95/single line tier. If you use a lot of data or travel far and wide, however, its perks might definitely be worth it, judge for yourself the huge difference it makes for $10 more.

As you can see, just the 3x raise in data speed limits and the half a terabyte of free cloud storage are worth $10 extra, but if you travel a lot, you can also use your unlimited data in 130 countries around the world five days for free each month - if you go to Canada, that would be $25 in savings, but in Europe or Israel, for instance, the 5 TravelPass-free days are worth $50.

In addition, Verizon now allows you to mix and match the unlimited plans, having different tiers on each family line, which is pretty much unheard of. The head of the family, the road warrior that they are and the chief payer of bills, might want the Above Unlimited perks for her or him. The one that travels least and is most times on Wi-fi could make do with the Beyond Unlimited price for a second line, while the kids could be thrown a $40/line Go Unlimited bone, and run with it. Sweet!

Before 6/18: 4 lines of Beyond Unlimited: $200

After 6/18: 1x Above + 1x Beyond + 2x Go Unlimited for the kids: $190

Mix and match your unlimited plans

Starting June 18, get the Verizon Unlimited plan perfect for each member of your family all on the same account – and all on the network they deserve

NEW YORK – The way you choose your family’s unlimited data plan is about to get a serious upgrade because it’s the end of the one-size-fits-all family plan. Starting June 18, you can mix and match different Verizon unlimited plans -- all on the same, easy-to-manage account.

“People have told us what they want from their unlimited plan, and the bottom line is that they don’t like paying more for stuff they don’t need,” said Ronan Dunne, president of Verizon’s wireless division. “Your kids may only need an unlimited plan to deliver the basics -- to call, text and stream without worrying about overages, while you might demand more from your unlimited plan with premium features like HD video and 4G LTE mobile hotspot. Now that you can mix and match, every person in your family gets the plan they need, without paying for things they don’t -- all on the network they deserve.”

Watch this video to learn more about Verizon's three unlimited plans. Now that you can mix and match, each family member gets the unlimited plan they need without paying for things they don't.

With Verizon, you can mix and match three great unlimited plans to meet each of your family member’s needs: Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited -- both of which haven’t changed -- and a brand new plan, Above Unlimited, which includes added performance, features and global access. Above Unlimited includes 75 GB of premium 4G LTE data* along with HD video streaming, 20 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, 5 TravelPass sessions per month and 500 GB of Verizon Cloud storage, all for $60/line per month for four lines.

With this new ability to mix and match, buying unlimited is simple. First choose the number of lines you need, then pick from three unlimited plans.

You can also add a Hum X, tablet or jetpack for $20 per month, or add a connected smartwatch for $10 per month. Managing your account is easy -- you can switch your plan at any time. Be sure to join Verizon Up through the MyVerizon app to earn access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, VIP tickets to events and everyday rewards.

As usual, you can keep your current plan if you want. No matter which plan you choose, you get the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in America.

Visit to be notified on June 18 when the ability to mix and match Verizon Unlimited becomes available.
* In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic (only after 22 GB/month on Beyond Unlimited and 75 GB/month on Above Unlimited).

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