New Sharp Aquos flagship leak: bezel-less insanity

Just last week, Sharp announced the Aquos S2 — an upper-midrange handset with almost no bezels from all sides, save for a chin with a home button at the bottom. The Aquos family of devices was among the first to achieve that “tri-bezelless” look, but they haven't been sold much outside of Japan. The only Aquos that reached Western markets was the Crystal, which was officially available through Sprint.

Anyway, with everyone doing crazy thin bezels this year, Sharp needs to up its screen-to-body ratio game a bit. And it seems it has.

An unknown “Sharp Aquos flagship” has been leaked in a render. The handset looks a bit like the recently-announced Aquos S2, but its “chin” is super-slim. In fact, it looks like there's no room for a home button down there, so Sharp has outfitted the strip with what appears to be a slow-glowing LED. The selfie camera has also been moved to the bottom of the handset, instead of being nested in an annoying “notch” that digs at the top of the screen.

How legit is this leak? Well, with what we've seen from smartphone makers this year, the device doesn't look impossible to make. And, considering that Sharp was among the first to pioneer the razor-thin bezel, we would say it's quite probable that this is a real upcoming device. Probably a successor to the Crystal X family? In any case, we'd say that the chances of it being sold internationally are as slim as its bezels.

source: /Leaks

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