New Nokia research lab opens in Hollywood

New Nokia research lab opens in Hollywood
Nokia is taking its position as the global leader in the mobile industry very seriously and plans on extending the lead with various ventures. One such venture is the location of its newest research lab; Hollywood.

Nokia Research Center (NRC) Hollywood will allow Nokia to work with various members of the entertainment industry, media, creative talent, new technology companies and top universities (such as UCLA). All this collaboration is intended for finding an intersecting point in regards to internet and mobility in the long run.

NRC Hollywood's research will be focusing on various forms of media (music, TV, films, etc.). The results will be taken into account on the basis of mixed reality experiences and human motion in order to achieve and understand the level of interaction of our lives and one's physical self with the digital world along with how these interactions may take place.

An interesting way to approach the mobile industry's future. Can anyone say Morph?

source: Nokia



1. unregistered

Looks like Nokia is looking toward a more liberal media source.

2. unregistered

haha, great. Just when I'm telling everybody why I love Nokia (because of their fairly conservative nice designs and outstanding software and feature sets) I have to hope they don't start turning out silly looking moto style handsets. They should come to NYC so I can get a job for them. Plus NYC is much better than Cali.

3. unregistered

of course. Thats why NYC has a larger population than California and higher demand for homes

4. unregistered

NYC better than Cali???? HA you're funny dude. you've obviously never been here. I've lived in Cali all my life. i just went to NYC for the first time back in July. and i will say it was fun, cool place, but no comparison to Califonia. Its over crouded, dirty, ghetto, and the people are stupid as hell. Califonia is a beutiful place, its awesome that they are coming out here so they can have a BETTER experience with a BETTER crowd of consumers. douche bag

5. unregistered

exactly, OVERCROWDED. breath in some of that nasty ass NYC air and choke on it

6. unregistered

i live in NYC and yes~~~it sucks so hard~~~but still~~i kind of like it~~

7. unregistered

exactly, its a cool place, just not "much better than Cali"

8. unregistered

C'mon! what did NYC give us besides SNL and connan?

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