Essential says "a new wave" is coming on February 15 - will we see a new phone?

Essential says "a new wave" is coming on February 15 - will we see a new phone?
Several months back, Essential confirmed that it was working on a next-generation handset, saying that this should be easier to repair than the original Essential Phone. Now, the company is getting ready to announce something on February 15 - that's Thursday - and this might have something to do with a new smartphone. 

Essential took to Twitter to inform the world that "a new wave [of something] is coming" on February 15. The company also shared an image - seen above - showing what resembles the fingerprint scanner of the first Essential Phone. This could mean the announcement is not about a brand new device, but just about new color variants of the model that's already available to buy.  

Right now, the original Essential Phone (model number PH-1) is sold only in two color versions: Black Moon and Pure White. But, ever since announcing the handset last year, Essential showcased other two colors of it: Ocean Depths, and Stellar Gray.  

As we already said, the teaser image posted by Essential on Twitter seems to be showing the fingerprint scanner of its current phone - more exactly, it might be the golden trim around the scanner of the Ocean Depths model (pictured below). However, the image's background is more like blue/teal, and doesn't exactly match the greenish nuance of the Ocean Depths handset. That's why we're not completely excluding the possibility of seeing a brand new Essential device come Thursday. Whatever is going to happen, we'll be here to let you know. 

P.S.: It's not too early for a new handset made by Essential. The first Essential Phone was announced on May 30, 2017, so it'll soon be 1 year old. 

source: Essential (Twitter)
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