Apple's new ads for the iPhone aim to increase its market share in Mexico

The latest television commercials released by Apple today, show off iPhone features like the App Store and Portrait Lighting. The new spots, posted by Apple on its Mexican YouTube channel (which explains why they are in Spanish), feature a tag line that reads "Switch to iPhone," also written in Spanish. The spots are similar to the ones used by Apple with the "Switch to iPhone" campaign that it ran in the states last year, right down to the split screens.

The first ad compares portraits taken with "your phone" and the iPhone. Both portraits share the same background, but then we can see how Portrait Lighting on the iPhone can make the background all black and even change a portrait from color to black and white. "Amazing Portraits" is written in Spanish, followed by the switch to iPhone tagline. The second commercial compares "your store" with the Apple App Store. Cutting to the chase, the ad basically says that if you install an app from the other platform, you don't know what you'll get when you open it. And again, the spot closes with the "Switch to iPhone tagline.

Apple is hoping to give Android users in Mexico reasons to switch to the iPhone. The latest data from Statcounter shows that as of last month, iOS has a 17% market share in the country compared to the 81.5% share owned by Android.

We have placed one of the ads at the top of this story with the second one found below.

source: Apple (1), (2), statcounter


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