New AT&T ad says that the DROID is a dumbphone

New AT&T ad says that the DROID is a dumbphone
Could it be that AT&T is finally feeling the heat from the DROID? In a commercial that is a take-off of those instant coffee spots (We've replaced the Coffee here at LeJerq with Folger's crystals), AT&T sends Luke Wilson to what appears to be an expensive restaurant where AT&T smartphones  have been replaced with Verizon smartphones. You can see the back of the DROID as one lady cries out in anguish, "Where is my cool phone?" and another person holding what looks like the BlackBerry Storm is wondering where all the apps are at. A gentleman is bemoaning the time it takes for a download to finish. Luke's comment? "Don't dumbdown your smartphone". Ok Big Red, the ball is in your court as this battle between AT&T and Verizon has now reached a new level of nastiness.

source: YouTube via TheiPhoneBlog


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