Mystery Made by Google device surfaces at the FCC

Mystery Made by Google device surfaces at the FCC
Google has a new device up its sleeves and it is a wireless Bluetooth device with the model number of G022A. That information was discovered on the FCC's website (via 9to5 Google) and the model number suggests that this is a Made by Google item. In fact, the G022A number comes after the Pixel 3a (G020A), the Google Clips wireless smart camera (G015A), and the Pixel 3 (G013A).

The device will have an FCC E-Label and uses Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) connectivity. Perhaps Google is planning on introducing a new version of its wireless Bluetooth powered Pixel Buds; a sequel could be due since the original model was unveiled in 2017 along with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. But that would be sheer speculation on our part. Another possibility would be a fitness tracker. Either would fit with the wording in the FCC documentation that mentions how the FCC E-Label information can be accessed through the use of a "companion app." Also, something to keep in mind is that the files shown on the FCC site do not mention Wi-Fi connectivity, which rules out a smartphone, smartwatch or a tablet.

Google requested confidentiality with the FCC for a period of six months, which takes us to November. This prevents us from seeing internal and external photos of the device, test setup photos, and the user manual.

A new version of the Pixel Buds sounds like a good bet. Apple recently released a sequel to its popular wireless Bluetooth AirPods, Samsung replaced the Gear IconX with the Galaxy Buds and both Amazon and Microsoft are getting into the space. The current version of the Pixel Buds costs $159 and is compatible with both Android (5.0 or higher) and iOS (10.0 or higher). It can access Google Assistant (Android 6.0 or higher) and control streaming music with a tap. With a Pixel phone, the accessory can provide real-time language translation. The Buds run for five hours on one charge and since the carrying case offers multiple charges, you can use the Pixel Buds all day.

If you're a fan of the products in the Made by Google line, you now have a mystery to think about for a few months.

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