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Mugen Power considering extended battery for HTC One X

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Mugen Power considering extended battery for HTC One X
The battery life on the HTC One X was originally affected by a power management bug that was said to cost users 10% to 20% of the phone's battery life. But now that HTC has offered a software fix that allows users of the flagship device to recapture that lost energy from the battery, the next stop is to look for a way for users to extend the life of the 1800mAh battery used on the model.

Mugen Power is taking a poll about offering extended batteries for the HTC One X
The problem is that the HTC One X features a non-removable battery which has increasingly become more widespread among new high-end Android models. But how can an owner of the HTC One X extend the battery life of his phone? There are some solutions. Because Apple iPhone owners run into the same restrictions with the non-removable cell on that device, there are some case makers that offer a built in battery that connects to the iPhone, extending battery life while protecting the unit. Android case manufacturers can offer something like that.

There is another solution which Mugen Power is considering offering for HTC One X owners. The idea would be to offer a manual with an extended battery which would show users how to remove the "non-removable" battery and install the new one. The necessary tools would be included in the package. Not only won't this be an easy task to accomplish, it would also void your warranty.

On Mugen Power's Facebook page, the self-installation plan leads among all options in a poll being conducted. In last place is taking the phone to a service center to have a new extended battery professionally installed. With the possibility that you could destroy your new HTC One X and void your warranty, you had better think twice about whether you really need an extended battery on this model.

source: MugenPower via AndroidCentral

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