Movie theater ejects a woman for texting, and turns her hate-voicemail into a PSA

Movie theater ejects a woman for texting, and turns her hate-voicemail into a PSA
We've all done it. But, we also judge everyone else for doing it. Don't be perverted; we're talking about texting in a movie theater. And while every theater seems to have an ad/public service announcement warning you not to use your phone, the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas is taking the rule more seriously.

Since 1997, the Drafthouse has had a strict no-phone policy, which they admit has alienated some customers. But the rest of us appreciate it. After a woman was recently ejected for texting, she left an angry, profanity-ridden voicemail with their corporate office. Rather than delete the message, the Alamo Drafthouse decided to turn the hatefully hilarious message into a public service announcement.

Their new PSA will be featured before every R-rated movie, featuring the full, possibly-drunken message. And following the voicemail, the PSA reads "You're welcome! Thanks for not coming back to the Alamo, texter!"

We love our devices. But there is a time and a place, and the movie theater isn't it. Good work, Alamo Drafthouse.

source: AlamoDrafthouse (YouTube) via Forbes



1. StarLog unregistered

This kind of women needs to understand, her stupid phone light while texting is distracting to other customers. She is a DOUSCHE.

2. nacixem

Posts: 32; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

blahaha. AWESOME.

3. Rawrzellers

Posts: 224; Member since: Aug 22, 2010

Okay so first she was saying she wasn't using her phone and that she was using it as a flash light. But with that first statement she follows it with "I was texting"... uh okay. Nice contradiction. I'm glad this movie theater made this public. Watch this girl try and sue like a dumb ass.

4. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Makes me want to drive from Illinois to Texas just to see a movie.

5. AppleFUD unregistered

I lived close to the draft house for a few years while In school in Texas. . . best theater around. As for the texter. . . typical self entitled BIAAAATCH!

6. biglebronski

Posts: 22; Member since: Mar 18, 2011

Freaking awesome! What a great idea.

7. bubba78

Posts: 57; Member since: May 23, 2011

That is awesome!!! I wish the movie theater's around Cincinnati would take this kind of stand.

8. Big Bob unregistered

I understand the distraction, but if I go to a movie and pay a babysitter to watch the kids, is it not unreasonable to put the phone on silent and at least *check* a text message to see if it's the babysitter telling me that my youngest hit his head on the fireplace and the ambulance is taking him to the hospital? Clearly I don't need to text back or call back from within the theater, but isn't this limited use of the phone within reason?

10. cc16177

Posts: 312; Member since: May 09, 2010

Just don't go to that theater.

11. JohnC unregistered

Any message could be life and death for everyones family in the theater. Not likely, but possible. If you are that concerned, why are you not worried about abandoning your family to a baysitter?

12. Big Bob2 unregistered

Be reasonable... no one is going to kick anyone out for "checking" on a babysitter. You however will get kicked out for TEXTING then being profane like she was. I was asked to leave once, but was allowed to stay once I explained that I only checked my phone twice as a loved one was in the hospital. I was allowed to return to my seat with an apology from the associate. An adult whom behaves like an adult, will be treated like an adult. She obviously was not behaving like an adult at all.

18. Chakra

Posts: 136; Member since: Dec 02, 2009

Checking your text is one thing. 1 sec, and you're done. TEXTING is complete different. And yes, it does piss a lot of people off when you are into the movie, and then in a corner of your eye, some ass turns on the phone for an extended period of time. Just because people are too polite to complain, doesn't mean they are not bothered.

24. X unregistered

What would you do if you didn't have that cell phone? Oh, that's right, you wouldn't know about it until you got home (or if you used the payphone in the lobby) and then had to go to the hospital where the docs would be doing whatever they would have been doing anyway when the ambulance brought the kid to the hospital! The only difference the cell gives you are a few extra minutes to get there and worry more, which wouldn't help the situation at all, and possibly make it harder for the doctors to do their job

34. Meletios unregistered

Yes, sure you can , to do that.. politely excuse urself and come out of the hall... complete the business and then go back in... much its very annoying while watching a movie especially a dark scene when you notice a bright light coming from the corner of your eye....

9. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

Hey if you don't know that by now then you are a flaky airhead bimbo. When I go to see a movie I put my phone on silent or even turn it off. I am paying $10.00 to see this movie & I will be damned if I miss a critical part of a movie because I am texting. This is 2011 & every movie you see it clearly says don't text or use your phone. She got what she deserves. To add insult to injury she leaves a stupid demented VM. It's so funny that they use the VM as part of the "don't use your cell campaign", they should make that a national ad in all movie theatres! lol This is classic!!!

13. Elidroth unregistered

Consider me a new fan of the Alamo Drafthouse.

14. Nine1Sickness

Posts: 896; Member since: Jan 30, 2011

She was wrong for texting and/or facebooking during a movie, but I don't think any company has the right to post up audio of an angry customer to the public.

16. Chakra

Posts: 136; Member since: Dec 02, 2009

And why not? Please educate us on the law that specifically backs your claim...

21. Balin unregistered

The company doesn't have the RIGHT to post audio? What country do you live in?

15. trin

Posts: 88; Member since: May 11, 2010

"Magnited states of America?" Really ho'?

17. Cali_Susan unregistered

consider me a fan of this movie the-A-ter and if I wasn't in California, I'd be patronizing their establishment. And to those who had a babysitter or emergency, I totally understand your issue - keep your phone in your pocket on vibrate and when it does, LEAVE THE THEATER and check.

19. threed61

Posts: 259; Member since: May 27, 2011

I've yet to hear a phone go off in a theater. I never cease to hear teens talking. Wish they'd kick them out instead.

20. angiekay

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 07, 2011

Actually, it IS illegal in some states to use audio without the persons knowledge. I've been in radio for some years and they drilled that into us that we had to let them know they we were going to use their voice. That being said, KUDOS to this theater!! I wish more would follow in their footsteps! God forbid young people actually know what it was like before cell phones when you actually went places and couldn't be reached 24 hours a day. My parents went out all the time leaving us with a babysitter and they didn't have a cell phone. I believe back then there were things called pay phones that when they had a chance they could call home and check in. Self rightious IS a disease these days!!

22. 87168 unregistered

Is it just me or did she sound kind of cute? hahaha

23. Egads unregistered

She's trying to sound cute so she is somehow right and more valid than the theater. She prolly does this cute talk thing to everyone she's trying to manipulate all day everyday. Glad you like it you must not have girls... As for the going to the movies when I pay $10-$25 (ticket, popcorn & soda) for the theater experience I want to watch the movie not 300 people checking in with their babysitter. If you want to talk, text, post, etc. It's called the lobby go there.

36. 87168 unregistered

So because I think she has a cute voice means I dont have a girl? Yea ok that makes sense. Let me guess you're a bitter 30 yr old who feels the need to attempt to belittle people on the internet in order to make your pathetic existence feel more worthwhile. You're trapped in a dead end job with no aspirations to be anything better than what you currently are. Does that about sum it up?

25. codymws

Posts: 237; Member since: Jun 17, 2010

I gotta agree with her. They shouldn't be able to kick you out of a place for texting. I don't see how it could disturb anyone. I wouldn't mind if someone was texting next to me. Who knows? Maybe it's important... but even if it isn't, I still wouldn't care.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Yea if she had her phone on silent and was just texting and staying quiet. They had no right to kick her out. Nearly every time I go see a movie there's more than one person who texts during the movie, but it NEVER bothers anyone. She shouldn't have reacted like that for sure, it was childish but I can't blame her for being upset. I also think it was very unprofessional of the movie threater to post this video.

26. Rouge Texter unregistered

I agree with the ejection if the phone ringer was up and kept making noise. If the phone was on vibrate and she was at least attempting to be discrete with her texting I really don't see the point of the ejection. If I go out with my spouse to see a movie and the baby sitter has a question related to my child and they text me, then I see nothing wrong with taking that message during the movie. In addition, if my child was at the movies and I texted them for any reason and they were thrown out I would be furious. I can see justification for wanting to keep people from using electronics.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

I will say this. It really doesn't bother me if someone is texting at a movie theater. As long as it's on silent and they aren't making any noises. Unless you have ADHD it really shouldn't bother you that much to see a little light. No the thing that bothers me and still does till this day and has since before cell phones were even around. Are stupid people who talk and talk and talk.

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