Move over, Samsung: the curved Mi Note 2 uses LG flexible display

Move over, Samsung: the curved Mi Note 2 uses LG flexible display
If you are wondering how much more of a shameless clone for the Note 7 or S7 edge can the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2 get in terms of a display, we have to disappoint you. Its OLED panel is slightly bent on both sides indeed, and you can do some Edge UX-style tricks on it, but it is actually made by LG, not Samsung.

Granted, this doesn't make it less of a Note 7 ripoff, but at least Samsung's monopoly on mass-produced flexible displays might start to crack with phones like the Mi Note 2. To what extent such dual-edge panels serve any practical purpose remains up in the air, but they sure look good on a premium phone. 

The cherry on the top is that Xiaomi is releasing the Mi Note 2 with a global LTE modem covering no less than 37 bands, so you can be fairly certain that it will take advantage of the fastest speeds your carrier can offer, no matter where you live. Any takers?

source: KJuma


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