Motorola goes truly wireless with Bluetooth earbuds that cost around $100


Truly wireless earphones are still a tight niche. Not a lot of manufacturers are offering the type of buds that have nothing between them for a couple of reasons — it's still a bit tough to get them to sound great, and even tougher to make them ergonomically comfortable without being prone to falling off. Oh, and they usually end up being a bit costly for those reasons.

Motorola seems to be tackling the market with a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds. They are called the Motorola Stream and have launched in the UK for the price of £79.99, or just north of $100. Users in the US need not fret, the headphones will be headed for the States within a month.

Full disclosure, the buds are actually made by a company named Binatone, Motorola just lends its branding for them. They are quite tiny, as can be seen on the photos, and are said to last about a couple of hours for continuous playback. There is, of course, an included battery case, which can top up the buds two times. So, total play time is about 6 hours, give or take.

Buttons can be seen on the buds for volume control and voice assistant activation. The Stream headphones are actually compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant. They also sport water-resistance and splash-proofing.

The folks in the UK can order the Motorola Stream here:

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