Motorola Motus makes blurry face in front of the camera?

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Motorola Motus makes blurry face in front of the camera?
Taking a picture of a smartphone these days is like taking a formal shot of your kids. They move around, won't sit still and you end up with Excederin headache #24. Well, the Motorola Motus actually behaved quite nicely just up to the time the photographer squeezed the shutter. Right at that moment, the handset put on its most blurry looking face and you can see the results. Way to ruin the shot, Motus! Anyway, from what we CAN see from the photo, the Motus looks very much like the CLIQ with a flatter keyboard and without a D-pad. We recently reported on the handset's successful trip to the FCC and the CLIQ-esque appearance is not a surprise; the Motus appears to be a more budget friendly device than the DROID is, closer to being in the CLIQ's price range with a 3.1 inch display and a resolution of 480 X 320 pixels. Nothing DROIDanian about those numbers. Toss in a 5MP camera, Android 1.6 and there you have the Motorola Motus. No carrier or pricing has been revealed, but we can tell you that a launch is expected in Q1 next year. Hopefully, the phone will sit still for the next photo.

source: MotofanForum via BGR


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